When Sony originally announced the PlayStation 4 way back when, it assured us that the home console would work in perfect harmony with the Vita. And in many ways, the platform holder has delivered on that promise, with Remote Play, as well as several cross-buy and cross-save experiences, really showing off the two consoles' connectivity. However, it's always struck us as just a little odd that, save for a few hastily assembled packs around launch time, we've never seen an official PS4 and Vita hardware bundle.

Well, according to a recent Amazon France listing, that hope may become a reality. A page has recently been opened up on the website for an 'Ultimate Player Edition', which includes both the Japanese giant's home console, and its sleek portable. The price of the pack is listed as €579.99 ($789.99), which is exactly the total price of picking up the two machines separately, seemingly making the box completely pointless.

Of course, if this bundle is actually on the cards, it's likely that we'll hear about it next week during E3. Do you think that a deal like this will help to cure the Vita's slumping sales? Let us know in the comments section below.

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