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Rumour: Is Sleeping Dogs Bringing Upgraded Kung Fu Fighting to the PS4?

Posted by Kell Andersen

No Wei

If a recent listing on online UK retailer ShopTo is anything to go by, an upgraded port of Sleeping Dogs may be on the way for PlayStation 4. The online store has the title touted to launch on 21st November this year, so if it is the real deal, we'll likely be hearing about it in the coming weeks. In truth, we think the open world epic is the quintessential candidate for the next-gen treatment, as it was criminally overlooked during its original run.

However, one incredibly suspicious element of this raucous rumour is the re-release's supposed name, which is listed on the website as Sleeping Dogs HD. It's highly likely that this is a mistake, since the original version released on the PlayStation 3, and was therefore already in high definition.

Originally, we had planned to end this article with a joke about letting sleeping dogs lie, but we've decided to spare you that fresh torture. In the meantime, let us know what you think of this new development. Would you be interested in retaking the streets of Hong Kong, or are happy to wait for the incoming sequel? Enter the dragon in the comments section below.


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THEundying27 said:

If it's a good port it would definitely show off the ps4s capabilities. The 360 version had shoddy frame rate and the aliasing was very bad, it was a good game though. The combat was outstanding



Ginkgo said:

I loved this game. I was just so much fun. Worth the price for the stunts you could do on a motorcycle alone!

Probably its biggest flaw was the average graphics, so it they manage to seriously spruce it up for the PS4, it would be amazing.

Not sure I will play it again, mind you. I hate going back and there are always so many new toys. But for those that missed it last gen, it would be a treat.



Demi_God said:

I thought the graphics in it were really good. The fighting mechanics when doing those pit fights were awesome. depending on the price, I would probably play it all over again, I heard the city was more lively on the PC version compared to the PS3. Although, I would much rather have a new Sleeping Dogs game than a remake.



Paranoimia said:

Really enjoyed it on PS3, but there's no real replay value, and some parts were a grind. I wouldn't play through it again, and certainly not at £50+.



charlesnarles said:

I liked everything but the driving physics. Fun to jump from car to car, even tho they seem to have no weight/inertia. All these random ports coming out, where the hell is my FO:NV / Skyrim superHD bundle?



ShogunRok said:

In terms of gameplay I think it does a lot of things better than GTA or Watch Dogs. Car chases especially - I have no idea why there isn't a 'ram' button in other sandbox games.



Mrskinner said:

Played through it the first time, there is replay value but not £50 worth. I would double dip on this once the price drops



Vader-Taters said:

If this is true I may have to pick it up! I thought it was a pretty fun game, it had it's faults but it was still good!



ztpayne7 said:

Only two games have affected me in the real world this much- Infamous Second Son (looking longingly at Neon signs as I wish I could absorb them) and Sleeping Dogs (I really wish I could just ram that motorcycle I see...I mean, it's so much fun in the game!!!!)



JDig said:

Sleeping Dogs is a great game and deserves a sequel on PS4 more than it deserves a remake.



Tasuki said:

@JDig: Agreed I rather see a sequel myself rather then a remake but I will probably get the remake cause I dont have access to a 360 anymore.



Gamer83 said:


Better than good, it's one of the best open world games of last-gen imo. I'd put it third in the open world 'crime' genre behind only GTA V and Saints Row 2. I'd definitely recommend a PS4 version to anybody who missed out on the older consoles. I look forward to the day when the sequel or spiritual successor or whatever they wanna call it is announced.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I'd love to re-play this on PS4, even though I never got past the first camera hacking mission in the game.



whywai88 said:

the game is good. But I need to emphasis that this game's soundtrack is awesome!

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