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Rumour: Homefront Plots a Revolution on PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Back from the brink, baby

THQ’s ill-fated first-person franchise Homefront looks set to be making a comeback after all, as box art for a release named Homefront: The Revolution has been spotted on a Swedish retailer’s website. While the listing has since been pulled, the title is purportedly due out in 2015, and is being published by Deep Silver.

Those of you with outrageously long memories may recall that the series was passed to ex-Timesplitters developer Crytek UK following the closure of creator Kaos Studios. It’s safe to assume that it will take advantage of its parent company’s CryEngine technology, meaning that this will likely be a looker.

One thing’s for sure: the box art is anything but attractive. Judging by the flag in the background, it will continue with the original game’s fictional Greater Korean Republic motif. There’s no word on a PlayStation 3 release just yet, so this could be exclusive to next-gen formats, which would bode well for its technical chops.

Still, we can’t help but ponder whether this is a sequel that anyone actually wants. The original game was perfectly serviceable, but we had to refer to Wikipedia to regurgitate the brief plot synopsis above. Proposed publisher Deep Silver is planning to reveal two new titles at E3 next week, so we guess that we'll get a proper glimpse at this imminently.

Update: And the game has now been officially announced.


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

Box-art: Lights, Camera and Action! I give you stereotypical pose.

The ex-timesplitters devs? Provided they still have their 'pedigree' i might watch out for this, its as close as i going to get to play an Timesplitters like game from them, besides there is always the upcoming Timesplitters Rewind on PS4. But Crytek as a whole are known as graphics masters, but gameplay... I just hope their UK team break the mold.



rastamadeus said:

If it's made by some of the people who did TimeSplitters then I'm in.

@N711 Yay, another GOW to fail miserably at retail. The series needs a long break.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I enjoyed the first game but it was very short and fell a little short of what I was expecting, it was a pretty straight forward fps game. I'm guessing it'll be more of the same.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

If God of War failed they would have stopped and placed it on a break, doesn't seem to be the case. I would still be wary about this game, while details are promising i am not even sure the former Timesplitters team still have that 'pedigree', they've adopted Crytek's graphical eye candy for their game.

@N711 That tweet could playfully be referring to the earthquake or a God of War Remaster (more likely considering the rumours making the rounds), or a new PS4 adventure.



rastamadeus said:

@Punished_Boss It did fail. Spectacularly. Sales dipped, review scores dipped. Everyone just said "enough GOW". If that's the best Sony have got for us for Christmas (they need something, they have nothing) then thank Christ for third parties!



N711 said:

@Punished_Boss yea I'm sure there's a remaster one but I think they've been working on a GOW4 too. Fingers crossed. Omly to show the remastered one would be very disapointing



InsertNameHere said:

@rastamadeus One underperforming GoW isn't enough to make SSM put the franchise on hiatus. GoW is still as popular as it was before Ascension and a huge number of people want another one.

And why do you even care how good or bad GoW does? If I remember right, then you're not even a fan. So it seems strange that you'd care whether or not a new entry was released.



rastamadeus said:

@BornOfEvil Underperform is putting it lightly. You can't deny a break - even a year or two - would do massive favours for God Of War though, the series has stagnated. The first was great at the time but since then it's just 'bit of polish, same game, bit of polish, same game'...

I care as I'd like a studio as immensely talented as SSM are to do something different rather than another slightly prettier than the last God Of War and I want to see what - if anything! - Sony have for us this Christmas. A driving game you can get for free and a slightly better looking port of The Last Of Us isn't even as good as what the Wii U got last Christmas (bar Mario) Xbox One is in the same situation too, mind.



KelticDevil said:

This is awful box art, if it turns out this is a legit shot of the art. And was anybody, anywhere asking for a sequel to the original Homefront?

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