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Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excellent PS4 Press Conference

Posted by Sammy Barker

Up and down

For large chunks of last night’s PlayStation press conference, we really thought that Sony had learned. We’ve berated the platform holder for its poorly paced presentations in the past, but there were no signs of the manufacturer’s talkative old times as it launched straight into a Destiny driven light show before immediately segueing over to alternate history exclusive The Order: 1886. That punchy pace persisted for several moments longer, as the company confirmed that student developed indie Entwined would be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store directly after the conference concluded – and that LittleBigPlanet 3 would launch on the next-gen system this November.

The latter was a genuine surprise – a secretive sequel that we penned a short rumour on last year, only to forget it in the hustle and bustle of the weeks since. The game appears to have expanded upon Media Molecule’s original vision with a much more diverse co-operative format, allowing different players to adopt unique roles, in a manner that’s sure to reinvent the very concept of Play Create Share as a result. But while this burgeoning potential is exciting, the shock holiday release date hit like a seismic shock, proving that it does sometimes pay to hold your announcements back for as long as possible.

And even with that burlap bomb, the manufacturer wasn’t done yet. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida made a brief cameo in order to confirm that Dark Souls developer From Software is indeed making a gruesome next-gen exclusive named Bloodborne, while third-party chief Adam Boyes rolled out Dead Island 2, Grim Fandango, Let It Die, and the absolutely beautiful No Man’s Sky. It was the kind of breakneck pacing that’s ordinarily reserved for a Microsoft presentation, anchored by cute letter links, pulsating gameplay presentations, and some well selected trailers. As group president Andy House returned to the stage, there was a sense of awe online.

But that’s when it inevitably fell apart, of course. “Sony’s got this in the bag,” this particular author whispered to an enamoured associate editor Robert Ramsey as new SCEA president Shawn Layden took to the stage. “All the company needs to do now is drop a couple of Naughty Dog trailers and it’ll be sitting pretty.” The new executive’s opening address was calm and collected, as he took a moment to familiarise his own bubbly personality with those in the audience and watching online. But as the sharp suited speaker’s soliloquy went on, so too did the momentum of the conference begin to sag.

The problem with this seemingly never ending portion of the presser was not necessarily down to delivery or even the content that it involved; PlayStation TV and PlayStation Now are important parts of the platform holder’s strategy, and certainly deserved their spell in the spotlight. However, the drone of dates and statistics transported us back to a time when Kaz Hirai would regurgitate sales figures for several hours before maybe teasing us with a trailer for good behaviour. The media may continue to refer to these industry events as ‘press conferences’, but the reality is that they are consumer focused affairs now, with every announcement being streamed online, and, in Sony’s case, in theatres around the United States.

The soggy central core meant that Layden left the stage to cheers of mercy rather than genuine excitement, and while his portion was followed by an even duller discussion on PlayStation Network programming, he’ll now be associated with utterly destroying the pace of an otherwise excellent press conference – whether that’s reasonable or not. Fortunately, the platform holder rescued the situation by arguably saving the best until last: Grand Theft Auto V, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End would be showstoppers at any media briefing. But that breakneck conclusion tasted a little bittersweet after the sour middle-eight, which didn’t necessarily detract from all of the good that Sony had to show, but did totally break the pace. Subtract some thirty minutes and the platform holder would have run away with this year’s E3 again, but we suppose that given the success of the PS4 so far, it has to give everyone else a chance.

Were you saddened to see Sony slip back into bad habits? Did you like what the platform holder had to show elsewhere? Share your thoughts on the platform holder’s big E3 presentation in the comments section below.

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Gamer83 said:

I'd say excellent is pushing it but it was good. But man did Layden's talking bring that show down a bit. I'll give Sony this though, it's consistent. Every E3 you can count on that 'get up, stretch, use the bathroom or go to the kitchen and make a sandwich' moment.



ShogunRok said:

I agree wholeheartedly with Sammy's write-up. There were a couple of duff moments. I thought the Dead Island 2 trailer was rubbish, and Suda51's thing was almost anti-hype, but that sagging middle filled to the brim with the most boring speeches dragged the conference down.

Thankfully, Sony saved it with the last few bombshells, and kept it from being a stinky 6/10 conference. If it wasn't for all that exhausting talk, the whole thing would have seemed like Sony's best in years.



ThreadShadow said:

Ultimately underwhelming for me. Disgusting at times, and boring at others. LBP3, and ABZU, were nice moments though.



SteveoKenobi said:

i don't why they just send press release about PS TV and who really gives a monkey about original programming... The White PS4 was a cool announcement and it did we break neck speed and is was slick.... up until THAT segment..



Mrskinner said:

Decent enough, though I would have liked to have seen some new IP's and Sony exclusives. The Last Guardian was a big miss as I expected.



Edwin_Garcia said:

I was really expecting to see The Last Guardian with the whole "official" but not really canceled fiasco.



Scollurio said:

Hmm. Seems like I'm the only one who fully enjoyed it then. I also am not going up in flames of joy about the "original programming" but all in all they painted a bright picture for the future, they're doing so many things and if entwined and bloodborne wouldn't have leaked prior, it would have been 2 more totally unexpected things. Also think about it... GTAV char transfer from 360? Thats a first isn't it? Destiny Alpha on thursday? Unexpected and sweet. Clickers and Bloaters in Diablo 3? Awesome cross-game-feature. I love stuff like that.

Im curious about what Nintendo will do just for the sake of it, but for me, I was totally happy with what Sony has shown. Seriously, what more (other than something Last Guardian - which I don't care for) could they have done?



Dodoo said:

Not had a chance to watch the presser yet but I can't seem to find anything on Rime which is one of my most anticipated games! Was there no info on that at all?



Gamer83 said:


Another couple first party exclusives wouldn't have hurt but yeah overall it was good. I just thought MS had a few more interesting exclusives. Really liked both shows though. Hoping Nintendo has some bombs to drop tomorrow but my expectations aren't always super high for that company these days. Still love its products but unfortunately the Wii U is nothing more than a first-party machine at this point. That's a good and bad thing.



Sanquine said:

Boring... Only bloodborne, the order 1886 and uncharted had me on the tip of my chair.. I expected so much more from the gaming company with the most first party studio's.



Boerewors said:

What people tend to forget is that the E3 is originally meant for wholesalers, shops like GameStop, distributors and importers of consoles and games. To them the "boring" bits usually dó matter. If you want a long lasting partnership with a company, it's nice to know a thing or two about their performace and future plans, but also about who's leading the bunch; so the extended and thorough introduction of the new CEO was tedious, but as a former distributor I kinda liked it. Sure e3 has changed and deals are now done elsewhere, but a total focus on games of the future is purely necessary if the past isn't something to cheer about. That's why I was surprised we didn't get any sales figures, Sony didn't tell they were the company that sold most consoles overall in 2013 and Sony didn't just pat their own back for a couple of minutes. The pacing of the MS conference was better for the neutral viewer, but in terms of actual announcements I'd say it's a tie. Considering the current sale difference, the Vita as ideal companion for the PS4, Project Morpheus, Playstation tv and PS Now I definitely think PS is the way to go for console gamers in the future....cause other than a great halo collection from the past, the future of the One just seams bleak in my opinion; they've become nothing more than a bad clone of Sony's console.



banacheck said:

I think it was a good E3 showing from Sony, very happy with the games that are coming. Next Gamescom and the likes where Sony will announce more games, a few months/week's back Sony trademarked two games, bloodborne was one of them where is the other?



N711 said:

I voted average just like all the E3 conferences was underwhelming IMO
They could easily have nailed it by just showing very short cutscenes from the games to come (instead of them being leaked at some point later on)



Punished_Boss_84 said:

PS4 conference? Poor Vita forever neglected, i suppose it can't be helped. At least PS3 had some multiplatform references.



rastamadeus said:

I'd give it a six out of ten. No Man's Sky alone saved it from being average. I'd also give Microsoft's show a six but that one is reaching for the seven as the games showed just looked better. Sony's show, sadly, will be remembered by me for that stupid half hour of meh. Being past 3am here (UK) certainly contributed to that as I was struggling to keep awake/interested.

What your opinions on the show are depends on what you wanted out of it though. We all know next year will be incredible. I wanted to see what Sony have for this year. Another Littlebigplanet and a free driving game, frankly, is pathetic. Both Sony and Microsoft failed badly there - it's like they're afraid of going head-to-head with Nintendo and Smash Bros. If Ninty don't make a massive attempt this Christmas then they're idiots as this is the best window they're gonna have.



sackninja said:

I loved it. But lbp2 was my favorite game of all time so... Besides, lets not forget sony bend, gorilla games, media molecule, sony santa monica, Team ico, Giant sparrow, Quantic Dream and more all have games to show. And Gamescom is next. (Gorilla, media molecule and evolution are from europe)



Komski said:

Microsoft had a far more watchable conference and kept me interested from start to finish. Sonys was going great right up until they started talking statistics and numbers and stuff. I was starting to cringe at that point and was thinking "here we go , here comes the buzz kill !". Why the hell they needed to waste valuable showtime with a movie trailer and a comic adaptation i dont know. im sure they'll be great but i'd rather read about some other time and not 3am in the frigging morning ...during this broadcast which is obviously seen by millions of people over the world, we are here to see games , and nothing but games , not pie charts , not figures , and certainly not listen to some old boy rattle on for what seemed like half of the show !! just put someone on stage with a joypad FFS !!! and show some game footage



get2sammyb said:

@Sanquine I like that they kept these games secret longer now personally. LittleBigPlanet 3's announcement was a big surprise, and the fact that it will be out this Christmas was an even bigger surprise. I'm sure we'll see a similar thing from its other first-party studios: here's the game, it's out now.

Microsoft definitely had the better presented show, but I'm surprised people thought they had better content personally. At lot of their announcements seemed like games that were a long way out: it was hard to decipher anything of worth from Crackdown, Scaleborn, and Phantom Dust in my opinion. I suppose you could point the same criticism at Bloodborne and Uncharted, but the latter was at least a proper cut-scene, rather than a CGI teaser.

Anyway, hopefully y'all got some sleep!



Shaolin said:

@get2sammyb Hey Sammy let's not compare them. I didn't get to see the Xbox press event but I've heard that it went well.

From what I did see Sony made a fairly solid performance. I know that it would have been a lot shorter but I would have preferred it if they had just shown us a barrage of game after game rather than breaking it up with the chat which actually felt a bit like they were trying to pad out the 90 minutes. Having said that, when you look back on it there was something exciting for every PS4 owning gamer and that's a good thing, in fact the main thing.



ztpayne7 said:

I liked it. Enjoyed seeing batman, metal gear , lbp3, Etc. I thought the dead rising trailer was funny, if not something I'm gonna play.

You know what else was funny?

"Free to play MEANS free to play".
Then, in the trailer...
Some features may require a fee.

Haha. That took down his credibility for me a little.



Jazzer94 said:

Okay but at the same time disappointing, Vita is dead not enough actual exclusives or gameplay shown of exclusives and 28 minutes of mind numbing drivel that killed all the momentum.

I personally don't care at all about remasters for games that are a year old I just want new stuff.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I thought it was still better than ms show, a toss up between Sony and ubi, I'll probably pick Sony. Far cry 4 was the highlight for me so far. Most of Sony's 1st stuff is still a lot better then ms, I don't see any reason to say they had a good show. It was pretty plain from what I've seen.



Savino said:

The Order reminds me more and more one of those old FMV games...



Sanquine said:

@get2sammyb I just hate Sony didn't show anything new ( project beast and LBP where a surprise though)! And i loved all the Gameplay instead of CGI. Uncharted looked lovely same as the Order 1886. I just hope Sony crushes Microsoft on Gamescom. Why crush? 12 studios ! The order 1886 is made by a company which isn't a first party studio but is always dedicated to Sony.

Sunset overdrive was for me one of the games of the show! It looked like a lot of fun. A interview of Phil spencer made me lol though. Guy couldn't answer the question why you should buy a xbone over a PS4 ( the interviewer gave him the PS4 has the better multiplatform card)



Sanquine said:

The order was awesome! I love werewolfs ! Was also happy it didn't die with some bullets.



rastamadeus said:

@get2sammyb That's what Nintendo have been doing for a few years now. The big ones (Smash, Mario Kart) we all know are coming so they tease them for a while. A lot of their games though have been revealed just months, weeks or a few cases minutes before release. Super Mario 3D World, for example, was revealed last E3 and out five months later.



Swiket said:

I really thought we would be getting The Last Guardian this time... until that damn Naughty Dog logo popped up.



tonyp1987 said:

@get2sammyb I'm mad at them for how they treated the vita and no price drop for memory card or unit and no AAA games for vita and not many games for vita? I guess the vita is becoming an accessory. Don't get me wrong I love my vita and have 30+games for it but this year many good new in games.



rjejr said:

@ztpayne7 - "You know what else was funny?
"Free to play MEANS free to play".
Then, in the trailer...
Some features may require a fee."

Yeah, how did that get past everybody spending milions of dollars on this? Just stupid.

The thing that was really bad about the 30 minute part was how much of it was devoted to a tv show. It didnt seem like there was even a game associated with Power. If we want original programmimg we'll watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

I wasnt at all impresed w/ LBP3. We own the collectors ed. of 2 and it is a great game, but its PS4 time now, wheres my sculpting marionette Move game? Did Move put in an appearance at all last night, even for a shooter like Destiny of The Order? I know it works w/ Morpheous VR but I didnt see it in any photos.

I think I have a man crush on Drake's voice and will buy a PS4 for U4 as if in some hypnotic trance. That said, shouldnt ND be making a new series for PS4?

PS1 - Spyro
PS2 - Jak
PS3 - Drake
PS4 - ?

Though I tend to confuse Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Sucker Punch so maybe Im wrong. I was screaming TRAITOR at Ted Price going into the MS presser though.



Reverandjames said:

I actually thought the presentation was a bit weak. Uncharted 4 being announced was a given, and gave me no reason to be excited about it, as I already knew it existed. LBP 3 was a cool announcement, but I doubt MM will be developing it, so I'm skeptical, and there was now 'wow' moment, just a lot of "this game will be better on PS4" brags, which I despise.

A lot of the games were remakes or remasters of games from last year, admittedly, Microsoft did the same, and so will Nintendo, I just wish more risks were taken.



Carl-G said:

I thought it was cool LBP3 & R&C(+ the Movie) made me so HAPPY + The Order looked AMAZING to + Uncharted 4 + Batman + FC4 + most of the other stuff was brilliant to. The only boring bit was the Comics/TV things really.



Demi_God said:

For me, while I really like all the games I've seen on it, This years E3 for Sony didn't have that big bang factor I was hoping for. I am pretty sure next year will be better and any mistakes Sony made this year won't be made next year. I think the problem here is the fact that we are only in one year of it's life cycle and the other games not shown that are being made are to early to show. In this case they had to make up that time and used Shawn layden to cover the time slot, which was bad. That guy almost put me to sleep.



BambooBushido said:

Wow everybody's so negative Sony's conference was really good in my opinion the only bad things were when he started talking about statistics and numbers stuff and that Let it Die garbage and even tho i do care about original programming the Powers talk went on for too long my only big disappointment was last guardian not being there other then that overall it was a good show



BambooBushido said:

@Demi_God Yeah he's not a good speaker he almost put to me sleep too and for me the big bang factor was no man's sky that game blew my mind!



Demi_God said:

You know, I think the reason this was all mediocre was also how Sony's Press conference was pieced together. I mean, last years was much better because they showed game after game after game. This year it seemed like they were just going through the motions to get it done and out of the way.



Jaz007 said:

I think it was good, I liked the pacing for the most part. I also enjoyed the parts slowed for a little humor too. I was a little disappointed with it all though, but that was because of expectations, I wanted that one new game I was personally wanting, and I didn't get it. That's how all E3 press conferences go with me lol.



BambooBushido said:

I'll say this from now on people need to keep in mind that each year E3 is becoming lass relevant and lass inportant while GamesCom on the other hand is becoming bigger more relevant and more inportant i say in the future expect big things from GamesCom not E3



ShogunRok said:

If you actually count up the announcements and game showings, this is actually one of the most content heavy conferences that Sony has done in a long time.

I said this last year, and I'll say it again: I don't think people know what they want from E3.



BL_Donth said:

Overall, I thought it was pretty good. It started strong and ended strong.

@Push Square Staff Thanks for making the live chat possible. I enjoyed talking with the community members.



viciousarcanum said:

thing is those 20 minutes od "downtime" were to explain features and stuff we actually WANT and a vast majority of internet posters constantly complain about, should sony really be blamed for the dwindling attention span of the traditional consumer?

another thing is that EVERY game (beside mortal kombat and gtav) that they showed is either an exclusive, console exclusive, has exclusive content, beta's, freaking alpha for destiny and even exclusive features (far cry 4) and they all looked great.



Demi_God said:

Mortal Kombat does look really good though. I mean, honestly, It's been over 10 years since I was in O.O about a fighter game, MK9 was pretty meh. So far MK X looks really good.



hYdeks said:

ok, I think I watched a different sony press conference, cause it was basicly a 2 hour sleeping pill lol I think the judgement that this was a excellent conference is only made because your fanboys, but in general, that was horrible and they only showed like 3 good things (the order, littlebigplanet 3, and uncharted 4).

So far, I will say that Ubisoft is the best, with Microsoft not far behind them, hell even Nintendo is more interesting with the announcement of a Star Fox for the Wii U already before they even start there Nintendo Direct! All Sony did was show **** we already knew, threw in littlebigplanet 3, batman scarecrow boring stuff, and uncharted 4 at the end, barely any mention of vita was PATHETIC and the amount of exclusive stuff coming to the Xbox One made Sonys PS4 look terrible. Hopefully, Sony will show something good after the show, but otherwise, Sony should be ashamed at that show.

And what the heck was up with the fake letters, those where terrible! A 12/10 year old writing in crayon like a kindergardener....really!? I knew how to write in cursive by that age ¬¬



TheLobster said:

I'm a total Nintendo fangirl and I have to say so far Sony's was definitely the best. Now, Nintendo has yet to go of course () but the Sony conference convinced me it's time to get a PS4 - specifically the white Destiny one. Sony has the most cool games out of Sony vs. MS and certainly more exclusives - MS had a good conference but most of what they showed was multi-plat! The only exclusive they had that I care about is Sunset Overdrive. Meanwhile Sony has at least five exclusives that ruin my Nintendo + PC plan.



Shellybird27 said:

What the f**** is wrong with everyone. I'm so sick and tired of all this negative bulls***, this was easily one of their best. Yet people b**** about it. I'm so done with gamers, and how they piss and moan about everything. They showed so much stuff, it was ridiculous. I thought I was going to wake up to 9/10's. This is ridiculous. I thought this site was better than IGN, with all this negative crap. Rant over. Going back to Twin Peaks, steaming with anger.



Ryno said:

Nintendo fan here, and if I had to choose between the One or PS4 right now I would pick a One. I would rate Sony's conference average.



bbq_boy said:

I was hoping this generation of gamers would be less whiny and less troll-like. There were an abundant of amazing games and things to do on both consoles. Why can't we learn to appreciate the 'good' and positive on games? Games are graphical better, controls tweaked, movement smooth, story telling reaching new heights of excitement or exploration or scariness or laughter. Much more Co-op gaming at e3 bringing friends together. Amazing e3 this year. I'm counting near 20 games to look forward to play in next 12 months.... For the whiners that'd cost around £800/$1200. Try whiner how many hours you need to work to pay for that?! Or how your poor parent(s) will have to sacrifice their money to keep the brats happy! Can't wait to see ninty show today either.



naruball said:

Wow, dude. So everything was terrible, huh? Your definitition of terrible is massively diffrent from mine. Sure, I don't care about The Order or Uncharted, but I still recognize that there's a huge audience for them. In other words, I would never call them terrible.
As for the letters, it was painfully obvious that the letters were presented that way as a joke and in order to make it even more obvious for people who don't get jokes, the presenter himself pointed out that it was a joke. How anyone could have missed that is beyond me.



freaksloan said:

My PS3 will keep my happy for the time being, I will get a PS4 sometime in the future, maybe in in 2 to 3 years.

I will never buy another Microsoft console - the Xbox360 is the only gaming device I actually regret buying.

I love my Wii U and 3DS and I think Nintendo won this years E3 hands down.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - "Naughty Dog released a new IP last year."

TLoU? On PS3, not PS4. If they waited for PS4 I wouldn't have said anything.

And I was wrong, they were Crash, not Spyro, always get them confused.



feelthesarcasm said:

The execution of the LBP 3 reveal disappointed me. I felt like they should have revealed the trailer for the crowd to get hype about and then jumped into gameplay, especially since it was one of the only games they presented not previously announced. It was odd watching the gameplay and then later seeing the full trailer. The crowd was like "WHAT WHOA" When the banner just popped up on the screen with people on stage ready to demostrate.

I liked the press conference but nothing personally interested me. And something about the organization of it was off. It seemed like almost every game was survival/horror and aside from the mention of PS TV the Vita and PS3 were totally ignored. Which makes no sense when there's still a lot of good exclusives coming to those systems.

Everyone needs to remember you not liking the games doesn't mean the conference itself was bad.



Gamer83 said:


If we're going to compare, I'd say Nintendo was actually the most impressive, even if it didn't have a traditional press conference.



Gamer83 said:


Just because people aren't over the moon about Sony's presser giving it grades of A+++++++, 100/10 or whatever doesn't mean they're b*tching or trolling. I agree to say it was a terrible conference is utterly ridiculous, there's exactly one person in this thread that I saw who did that. There are others who thought it was mediocre and gave reasonable explanations as to why. The only b*tching is coming from fanboys who think Sony is perfect and are pissed when others disagree.



KelticDevil said:

While it was a good show, I disagree with it having some great ending. Uncharted 4 is great news, of course, but GTA 5 & The Last Of Us are remakes. Snore. Overall, other than the subpar pacing, I was pleased with the news overall. LBP 3's surprise announcement being the highlight.



Gamer83 said:


Maybe, I think I prefer the original press conference style though. But at the end of the day it's all about the games shown and taking all the other stuff out, how the conference was delivered, pacing, etc and just looking at the games, I thought Nintendo was the best this year. Sony and MS had a lot of good stuff too, but I do wish there was more first party content because those are the games that will really push the system. My hype for The Order has reached basically zero but just looking at the graphics and knowing Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4 will probably be the best looking console game upon arrival. Also looking forward to what the other high caliber studios have in store, Guerilla has graphical wizards at work there and with one game already under its belt, can't wait to see what that group does next. Santa Monica, Bend, etc. Hopefully at Gamescom we'll get to see some of them.



Kage_88 said:

I thought it was poor. Microsoft's and (especially) Nintendo's showing were better.

Uncharted 4 was the only new reveal that I was hyped for - though I'm still excited for The Order and No Man's Sky.

It was pretty lame how GTA V and the Last of Us ports were considered 'big' games - I mean the games are, what, 12 months old? Even other major titles like Destiny, Batman, Phantom Pain and Mortal Kombat are multiplats - which doesn't exactly scream 'buy the PS4 NOW!!!' - especially considering most of them won't arrive 'till next year.



Shaolin said:

@Gamer83 I definitely enjoy the sense of occasion that you get with the traditional press-event-in-a-big-hall style. Although, having seen Nintendo's showing though I also found myself appreciating its simplicity and I didn't miss things like the pre-arranged fake clapping and whooping from strategically placed "audience" or the executives in suits (Jack Tretton was the one of a few who managed to pull that look off well in my opinion).

I still haven't gotten round to watching the Xbox presentation but I've heard that they announced Forza Horizon 2. I've always liked a good driving game so I have to give credit to Microsoft for showcasing and releasing two first party driving games within a year of releasing their console. You can imagine my mild disappointment that Sony didn't provide us with a decent look at Drive Club (or any other driving games for that matter).

I still think though that all three events contained something exciting for everyone. That's why I don't see any point in trying to assess who "won" E3 because they were all good, just different that's all.



bbq_boy said:

@Gamer83 you're the perfect example of whiner I was talking about are you moaning for the sake of moaning? You see instead of moaning why not write to the organisers or developers and tell them how 'valuable' your opinion is, then HELP them make it great at next year's e3. You could greatly change the industry. Be positive little dude. If there's not enough great games, if you think the hundreds of thousands people in industry are doing a crap job in this excellent industry I suggest u get a degree in game coding, developer skills or whatever and make gaming great! Then see how you would feel if you were one of these poor sods slaving late hours to bring whingers a great gaming experience.



Demi_God said:

@hydeks Now your just talking nonsense if you are calling people fanboys at the same time saying that Microsofts show was better.

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