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PS4's Secret Ponchos Will Be One of Your Free PS Plus Games in Autumn

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Shoot 'em dead

We may still be waiting on confirmation regarding July's PlayStation Plus update that will supposedly include Strider and Towerfall: Ascension on PlayStation 4, but our pals over at Eurogamer have managed to break the news that isometric shooter Secret Ponchos will takes its place as one of the service's free games at some point this Autumn.

When asked about the indie title's PS4 launch, developer Switchblade Monkeys told the publication that "we had to estimate we are targeting Fall 2014 for release. It's really about when we feel the game is super solid and ready for the public". More interestingly, the studio then goes on to confirm that the stylised shoot-'em-up will be hitting the PlayStation Store as a free download for PS Plus subscribers. "Yes, for one month the game will be featured as a PlayStation Plus title! We are very excited because PlayStation Plus will put the game in the hands of a large community of gamers, and for a multiplayer game the community population is key!"

The release was always planned to be set free on Sony's service, but now that we know it'll be sitting on our PS4s in the near future, it means we won't have to deal with countless rumours and silly speculation. Does Secret Ponchos have your attention at gunpoint, or are you tired of nabbing smaller games for the price of your subscription? Have a shootout in the comments section below.


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fchinaski said:

I know most will disagree, but I'm totally ok with having smaller games for the IGC, since I generally like to buy big retail releases physical.

Having smaller games that interest me for "free" makes me have more budget for bigger releases when they come out on retail, since I almost always only buy digital when I have no choice. So IGC for digital-only smaller games + more money for retail releases is a win-win situation for me.



thedevilsjester said:

@fchinaski I agree for the most part. I like to buy my new AAAs to be part of my physical game collection. I do however like getting a free AAA game (every so often) that did not quite make the cut in my purchasing choices.



TOMBOY25 said:

i dont mind "smaller games" as long as they aren't boring or just plain **** for me most have been.



fchinaski said:

@thedevilsjester Yeah, I also like when something big that's not usually my cup of tea comes out on the IGC; gives me the chance to try out big releases that I would not get to the trouble of buying physical and certainly wouldn't buy digital. In fact, one of the good things of PS+ for me is that it broadens my gaming habits. But when it doesn't happen, I'm usually pretty happy with smaller offerings.

They should make it more balanced though, it's not like the PS3 for instance doesn't have a huge backlog of AAAs that haven't got to be on the IGC yet.



TOMBOY25 said:

i want MGS:ground zeroes on the IGC or GFG, im hoping it might be soon



fchinaski said:

@TOMBOY25 Maybe they'll do it when Phantom Pain is closer, in order to build up the hype. Not that there's not enough hype surrounding it



rastamadeus said:

@fchinaski It depends what the game is. Outlast and Resogun are fine but if it's a game that's already been on PS3 and already been free like Dead Nation then Sony are right to be called out.



fchinaski said:

@rastamadeus The article is about PS4's IGC line up so I see your point. If you look it from a PS4-only owner point of view, I can understand the disappointment. They could easily dish-out Killzone already for instance.

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