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PS4's First Gran Turismo Game Will Be Stuck at the Start Line for a Little While Yet

Posted by Sammy Barker

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This editor’s gaming news engine has been stationary for a few days now, so what better way to remove the rust than with a cheeky post about Gran Turismo 7? It would appear that the industry’s still very much in first gear following the excitement of E3 2014 earlier in the month, but speaking with at the Goodwood Festival in Chichester this week, Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that work has started on a new entry in the legendary simulation series.

While the gaffer was coy, the baking British sunshine managed to coax one key snippet out of the vehicle obsessed suit: “I don’t think that it’ll make this year.” Previously, the president had optimistically hinted that the inaugural next-gen racer from the Japanese outfit would put its foot down in 2014, but considering that it’s continued to support PlayStation 3 exclusive Gran Turismo 6, that always seemed like a lofty target. Moreover, we doubt that Sony would want any more obstructions to get in delayed PlayStation 4 title DriveClub’s way.

In fact, you may have to wait a little while for your Gran Turismo fix, as Yamauchi’s not planning on assembling a cutback Prologue demo to pad the period before the next full release. The studio’s going to use that additional time to beef up the franchise’s oft-criticised audio – and add in plenty more premium vehicles. Don’t expect it to toss out any of the PlayStation 2 standard car models, though. “Each car has its own fans, so I think that we'll hang on to the archive,” he beamed. “Some of those cars we may be able to make into premium cars – but basically we're more focused on increasing the number of premium cars.”

While we’re sure that the mere presence of the ageing automobiles will drive some trolls out of the woodwork, keeping them as optional extras is fine by us – especially if they take advantage of the new game’s inevitably improved physics engine. Are you looking forward to the next entry in Polyphony Digital’s popular property, or are the pangs of sequelitis driving you around the bend? Push the brakes in the comments section below.


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kensredemption said:

Still waiting for a life-like racing peripheral to play these games with. Forza's in-car set-up looks pretty accurate, but maybe add the Morpheus and it'd be as life-like as can be...err, minus the vibrating motors.



Scollurio said:

Uhm GT6 still has plenty of life - and promises left to fulfill - left, in this year there are so many car-games dropping onto PS4, I'm perfectly happy to play GT7 sometime in 2015, with even more content!



Gamer83 said:

GT 6 should've been a PS4 launch game but that aside I don't think anybody expected GT 7 right away. I still think late 2016 or sometime in 2017 at the earliest, the devs usually take a while with these games. The wait is just made longer because while there are some racers on the way, not many seem that great. I'm not even going to bother with the free edition of DriveClub, 60 frames per second or GTFO when it comes to this genre. Forza Horizon 2 also disappointed me in that regard but that's because MS went into full-blown moron mode and made it cross-gen.



Ginkgo said:

To be honest, I am somewhat concerned for this franchise. I love GT, and played the hell out of GT5, own a racing wheel etc. But, I get the impression that where GT was at the forefront for so long, it is resting on it laurels and being stagnant. GT6 didn't impress me (only played the demo I confess, but could see no reason to upgrade). Statements about them keeping standard cars etc, are another example.

Games like Project Cars and Drive Club etc are pushing boundaries (in different ways). GT needs to find another level, and my fear is that they will continue to put out more of the same and find themselves left behind.



Scollurio said:

@Ginkgo Too bad you never gave GT6 a chance, played over 200 hrs on it, still play it, now we have almost weekly updates, the only community is great and while Project Cars DOES push boundaries and force the genre forwards, I think Driveclub is just a reskinned Forza Horizon for the casual crowd. My opinion. There is still plenty of GT6 content coming and I have no problem waiting on it, knowing THAT it will come!



charlesnarles said:

@Ginkgo oh, GT6 is much better than 5 in terms of handing. 6 is perfectly designed for ps3: steady framerate and responsive controls. I always say that 5 renders cars and calculates drafting/drifting, where 6 renders cars with big invisible rectangles of "air" to legitimately recreate aerodynamics which realistically affects the cars' handling etc. If 5 was FO3, then 6 is New Vegas. I still play 6 a lot, all I miss from 5 is B-spec mode!
I'd absolutely LOVE to see a detailed interior for my favorite car: '98 AUDI S4

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