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Pro Evo Soccer 2015 Will Stride Onto The Next-Gen Pitch On June 25th

Posted by Damien McFerran

First gameplay reveal is coming this month

Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series was once the toast of the footballing world, effortlessly beating its bitter rival FIFA with a combination of slick skills, stunning visuals and intense realism. However, in recent seasons the franchise has lost its match fitness, while EA's famous brand has gone from strength to strength.

That doesn't stop Konami from hyping up each new instalment of course, and the company has launched a typically overstated teaser trailer to confirm that the first gameplay footage of the game will be shown on June 25th — we're going to go out on a limb and predict it might feature men kicking a leather sphere around a green pitch.

PES 2015 will mark the next-gen début of the franchise.

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rastamadeus said:

If it's anything at all like the last one (the one given away with PS+) then count me out. Worst game of football I've ever played. Had literally no redeeming features other than the satisfaction of knowing it was off of my hard drive.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Well they need something besides MGS5 The Phantom Pain and hopefully they provide competition for EA's FIFA.



Boerewors said:

I actually like the PES approach better than I like FIFA's. FIFA is sacrificing pure fun to be a true simulation of the game. The universal feeling when you see a ball and you just wanna kick it isn't translated very well in modern day football games. PES tries to make the game more fun with fluid passing, simple defending and shots that you really feel you're kicking yourself, but it fails in the execution. I really hope PES can give FIFA a run for its money and come back on top, like in the ps2 days... Cause although FIFA has gotten way better than in those days, I haven't played a proper football game since PES' last installment on the ps2.



Tasuki said:

Might give this a shot (no pun intended). I have heard that these games are better then FIFA but I have never actually played one.

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