While many have been swift to criticise the PlayStation 4’s first full year on the market, we reckon that Sony’s done an admirable job of beating the content drought and keeping a steady stream of software on store shelves. Only last month it collaborated closely with Ubisoft for the release of Watch Dogs, and it still has Destiny to come later in the year. In order to plug the gap, however, the manufacturer’s re-releasing The Last of Us next month – and as rumoured earlier in the week, you’ll be able to pick up the enhanced exclusive as part of a hardware bundle in Europe.

Collating a copy of the game, a controller, and a standard black next-gen console, the premium pack will set you back just £384.99 in the UK, and €429.99 in other parts of Europe. Considering that the game alone retails for approximately £39.99 depending on where you shop, the set does represent a small saving if you were originally planning to purchase its contents separately. There’s currently no word on whether this collection will make its way overseas, but we’d be surprised if a North American iteration wasn’t released. Has this convinced you to pick up a next-gen platform at last? Survive in the comments section below.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]