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Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter Head-to-Head

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hashtag haymaker

Sony may be winning the hardware sales war with the PlayStation 4, but it couldn’t overcome Nintendo in the great Twitter battle of E3 2014. According to social media intelligence analytics provider Crimson Hexagon, a whopping 47 per cent of related tweets posted during last week’s convention referenced the Wii U maker, with its well promoted Tree House event and Super Smash Bros tournament no doubt contributing to that sum.

PlayStation managed to command 28 per cent of the conversation, though we’d argue that its late night press conference could have hindered those figures in Europe at least. Despite a punchy presentation, Microsoft came in last, securing just 25 per cent of the mentions in total. We’re somewhat surprised by these figures, but the consensus is that the House of Mario did have an excellent show, so hopefully it encourages Sony to come back even harder next year.


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rastamadeus said:

Was always going to happen. Nintendo's online presence was gigantic. But, at the end of the day, it means absolutely nothing if all those people talking about Nintendo don't but a Wii U. Hope they do as - said it before and I'll say it again - Nintendo being involved properly again is only good news for every gamer. Who cares what machine it's on if it's a great game?



Scollurio said:

Rastamadeus: "Who cares what machine it's on if it's a great game?"



ELAWIS said:

E3 .wrap up
Microsoft = 40 Games
Sony = 42 Games
Nintendo = 12 Games

Microsoft = 12 Exclusives
Sony = 15 Exclusives
Nintendo = 11 Exclusives

Most Games = Sony
Most Exclusives = Sony
Can some one tell me how did Nintendo Won ?



Sanquine said:

@ELAWIS Because what Nintendo showed was far more awesome... Bayonetta blew me away, New Zelda and X looks magnificent. I only jizzed my pants with Bloodborne and Uncharted 4: a thiefs end.

The problem was Sony destroyed their momentum with TV talk... That boring part killed a fantastic presentation.



MadchesterManc said:

@ELAWIS Because Nintendo showed Zelda & Star Fox whilst running a Smash Bros tournament. Hence a lot of tweets. Its that simple. Even I contributed a little with this tweet

I thought all 3 had a rough E3. Only 1 or 2 surprsing games announced. Sony's best during the press conference was an indie game, Miscrosoft relied on CGI trailers for their interesting newly announced first-party titles & Nintendo, well It was Nintendo. I find most of their first party offerings disinteresting & only dabble on the Wii a little of late so I wasn't in awe of what they showed. To be honest Im not an E3 guy myself anyway, I prefer to see whats cooking during the Tokyo Games Show. Even Gamescom tends to have been more interesting that E3 these past couple of years

Everyone wins at these shows with game announcements, but with a few more events stilll to go - Im not putting all my eggs into the E3 basket as there's still more to come this year, from Sony at least as Im not too sure Microsoft bothers much with other events. Nintendo still has its Directs afterall too.



naruball said:

Thanks for providing this list. People who were interested in Ninty games in the first place thought that Ninty won E3. In reality, if you go by opinions, everyone's got one so I can say that EA won.

If we go by facts, then yes, Sony did win. They had a combo of the most exclusives and 3rd party support, which Ninty lacks.

Saying that "x company won IMO/for me" is fine. But saying that it was "not even close" or "hands down" is silly. All 3 companies had good presentations.

As for how Ninty did better on Twitter, that's easy. More gameplay and more need for good games from wiiu owners. Same as vita owners who post everywhere, despite the small install base. And surely, the Smash Tournament helped a lot.



Shellybird27 said:

As much as I love my PS4. I cannot wait for Smash Bros, or the new Zelda! All the others looked good too.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Sorry I don't use twitter/Facebook/any other nonesense. Couldn't care less. #wtfsowhat. It shows Nintendo gamers love to mess about with rubbish on their phones, probably nobody is buying the Wii u. May end up capitulating to mobile gaming.



ShogunRok said:

Timezones make a lot of difference, as mentioned in the article. If Sony's presser wasn't at 2/3AM in Europe, it would have commanded more attention on social networking sites.

Wouldn't it be great for Nintendo if tweets = sales, though?



persona5me said:

i don't know why some people can't just be happy for nintendo. i mean, maybe now sony and ms will take a hint and show actual gameplay of their games instead of 2 minute long cinimatics for most things. just like how ms learned that nobody cares about tv, maybe now they and sony will learn that gamers like gameplay. a good e3 from a company helps out all gamers, as sony proved last year. fanboys are truly the worst part of gaming.



Demi_God said:

A new Zelda that gave me the feel of Zelda Ocarina of time is a E3 winner in my book. I'm am very pro playstation, but Zelda is one of my most favorite games out there when made right.



zeldagaymer93 said:

I can't believe some people are making excuses for this. When Nintendo does well people are like "Wellll not really" but when they do poorly it's broadcasted everywhere. I love both Sony and Nintendo but I'm glad to see that Nintendo is getting a lot of attention because they really need it right now.

Nintendo had a digital event, the Smash Bros invitational, and livestreaming of actual gameplay. Yes Sony and Microsoft both showed some cool stuff but it was just pre-rendered trailers with very little gamplay for most games (if any at all.) The timezone difference probably had an effect but these tweets were counted for all of e3, not just for their press conferences. Those in a different time zone could have still tweeted the excitement beforehand or afterhand.Not to mention, Sony could have done a digital event similiar to Nintendo at a different time to get more viewers.



Tintin said:

I love Sony and Nintendo but as soon as Nintendo mentioned Starfox they won. It's a rare occasion Nintendo announce new games so that's probably why they created such a buzz. I know I was hoping they might announce one new game.



GraveLordXD said:

@ELAWIS in most peoples opinion what Nintendo showed was better more games don't really mean jack
I also didn't know Sony showed that many exclusives
15 is kinda hard for me to believe



GraveLordXD said:

@zeldagaymer93 exactly its pretty sad if you ask me another thing is how Nintendo gets slammed hard for remkes like wind waker but Sony and Microsoft don't get to much heat for releasing last gen HD version of hmmm let's see tomb raider, last of us, gta5, sleeping dogs, metro last light and who knows what else by the time this generation is over with. If Nintendo did this we all would never hear the end of it
who cares about a console just give me the games



JaxonH said:


Because those 11 exclusives were not previously announced. That was 11 newly announced exclusives. Sony only had like 2 or 3, unless you count PSN digital indie titles.

Not that I care, I'm just sayin, that's why. Or maybe it's not why, who knows. But Nintendo did SOMETHING right, cause they were the talk of the show this past E3. It's not always how many games you have, it's how great they are. And Nintendo undoubtedly showed off a dozen brand new exclusives that were not previously announced, and every one of them looked fun. Things like that tend to draw some serious attention.

Even sites like Review Tech USA have admitted Nintendo won this past E3. And that YT channel isn't exactly pro-Nintendo, if you catch my drift. Just listing off more games for your system doesn't automatically mean it's going to generate more excitement. You could have 100 games that don't get people excited as 10 games on another console. There is no shame in admitting Nintendo had the best showing. I certainly think they did. And that's not always the case. In fact, this is the first time I've felt Nintendo had the strongest showing at E3 in many years. I mean, it is what it is. Don't let it hurt your pride- it's not like them having a better showing at E3 is going to make the games you're playing any less fun.



Ginkgo said:

Nintendo have had some good traction recently, with Mariokart 8 and a good E3. Time will tell if it is maintained. I think some of it will be. I feel like the Wii-U has finally found its feet, and can look forward to stronger sales continuing this year.



Lionhart said:

Sony didn't really dominate at E3 this year like they did last year. Microsoft stole the show at E3 with Fable Legends and that deliciously lighthearted Sunset Overdrive. Nintendo conquered E3 with the fantastic new Zelda WiiU trailer and they got sassy with Bayonetta 1 and 2 and then they presented catchy stuff like Fantasy Life 3DS and the innovative Splatoon. I'm not saying that Sony wasn't impressive but they didn't blow me out of the water either; Microsoft and Nintendo played their cards well. All Sony did was sell out on the PS Vita and praise Indie games yet again.



BambooBushido said:

@ELAWIS Everyone is entitled to there own opinion it's ok if you don't agree personally I don't agree either none of them won E3 in my opinion yeah they all had good conferences but they could've been better if there was a gun two my head and i had to choose I'd say Nintendo won why? because there event was more fun to watch they showed more fun looking games i still think none of them won E3 this year why? because to me there wasn't a clear cut winner this year it wasn't like last year were Sony obviously won none of them hands down won E3 not everyone thinks Nintendo won not everyone thinks Sony won not everyone thinks MS won



Gamer83 said:

At least for me, Nintendo provided more good games, all exclusives and from both first and third parties, than I had anticipated. It topped the numbers either Sony or MS provided for their consoles so that's why Nintendo 'won.' I don't think it was a massacre like some are suggesting, but it was pretty convincing. Couple the games with a well put together presentation and you have a great week of E3 for Nintendo. Now we'll see what the after math brings. I do think Sony needs to impress a bit more at Gamescom, and the company is saying more announcements on the way, I'm looking forward to them.



Pink_Floyd said:

I like both Sony and Nintendo but I can't help feel we won't see most of the games until next year do to delays so I wouldn't say one or the other "won". Plus I really wanted to see majora's mask get announced for 3ds but we all know that didn't happen bul I'll take Zelda U



Kage_88 said:

I think the major reason why Nintendo was my favourite showing this year, was because it made me feel like a kid again, and reminded me why I love videogames. There was no cynical and drab bullcrap like that found in Ubisoft's and EA's offerings - or the majority of generic, soulless third party games (not counting indies).

But still, Wii U sales is the ultimate goal - no matter how popular they were on social media. There's only so much units Mario Kart 8 can shift. The Wii U needs a steady stream of quality titles; and if third parties won't partake, then Iwata better have a plan B. Maybe indies will fill the role?



Mathieran said:

I feel like it was pretty close between Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo killed in actual gameplay shown though. I'm just happy that I have both a Wii U and a PS4.



Jcp83 said:

Nintendo looked good at E3. I'm a little bit gutted that Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to the WiiU.

You can call me a pervert if you want, but I really enjoyed the first one!



Paranoimia said:

Only thing is, such stats mean nothing without context. 47% of E3 related tweets might have mentioned Nintendo, and that sounds great.

But if 95% of those tweets were basically saying "pfft, who cares about Wii-U?" (which was pretty much the case among those I follow on Twitter), then it's a completely different story.

Personally, E3 ended for me with the Sony show. I didn't bother with Nintendo's as their output has never interested me.



Xaessya said:

I feel that while Sony showed more games, Nintendo had alot better gameplay showed during their conference plus Smash Tournament and I had alot more fun watching Nintendo's E3 presentation then the other ones.

Its going to be hard for Sony to top their E3 from last year with their "How to share your games" instructions



rastamadeus said:

For me the only two genuinely wow moments of Sony's shows were when we saw things different than just another prettier version of a past game, CGI trailer after CGI trailer or more gritty, realistic looking games. Entwined and No Man's Sky stole Sony's shows as they look - and in Entwined's case, are - pure unadulterated fun. That's why, for me, Nintendo easily 'won' E3 as all their games - more than twelve, despite whatever whatever-his-name above said - looked like that. As someone else above me said, it was like being a kid again.

@Punished_Boss I don't think the internet could cope with a proper console Pokémon. I - among thousands others - would probably die from excitement.



sinalefa said:

Well, for me Robot Chicken bits is a 100 times more interesting and fun than a suit spouting PR facts.

And Link being chased by a giant monster through a beautiful, colorful world was also more interesting than seeing Drake waking up and grabbing his gun in an dark, empty looking jungle.

Oh, and the games helped too. Announcing Project STEAM after the main conference was also a great way to keep attention and hype.



MoleZandor said:

Wii U sales are gonna pick up pace. A couple of my friends have just got one, I saw some guys in a game shop the other day buying one. Like Microsoft said it's a marathon not a sprint (a couple of days before throwing away their sneakers and donning a pair of sprinting shoes in an attempt to destroy everything they had worked for). Nintendo is going to be fine, their games are always superb. All these new Wii U games seem to be a homage to their Snes and N64 counterparts. Back to excellent core gameplay and innovating it for multiplayer and touch screen interaction. Lovely. Can't wait to get a Pikachu Amiibo and train him up on smash bros, and explore hyrule or wherever this Zelda game will be.

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