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It's Looking Like Ar No Surge Will Be Announced for a Western Release

Posted by Nicola Hayden

The great JRPG revival

It seems that for fans of Japanese role playing games, "ask and you shall receive" is becoming a reality more than a pipe dream. With Final Fantasy Type-0 finally being brought out after years of fan riots, another overlooked RPG could be on its way. Tecmo Koei Europe has teased on its Twitter account that the announcement of a new title is happening tomorrow. While this normally brings forth wild speculation, we'll eat our shoes if it isn't PlayStation 3 JRPG, Ar No Surge.

If you're not one of the hardcore fans that the company expects to figure out the mystery from the tweet's teaser image alone, a quick Google search on the image shows it linking to numerous articles about the game. This isn't out of the blue either, as last month Tecmo Koei questioned fans regarding potential interest in the title and it's tie-in, Ciel No Surge.

Even if we can be certain it's coming, we don't rightly know which console it'll be released on. While the original launched on the PS3, the publisher may do something similar to its Atelier titles, and bring over Ar No Surge's plus version, which contains extra content on the Vita. Are you an old fan eager for news, or are you joining this writer in scrambling to pop another title in your favourite retailer's checkout basket? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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sonyntendo said:

all vita realy needs is more great JRPG games like this one, let the PS3/PS4 take all the stupid AAA/FPS E3 games.

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