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Is This New Addition to Sony's Worldwide Studios Working on the Next Big Thing?

Posted by Kell Andersen

Reveal coming at E3

As far as we're concerned, Sony has the most robust selection of development teams of any of the three major platform holders. From Naughty Dog to Media Molecule, the studios demonstrate an incredibly impressive variety of styles. And it seems that this group will now be expanding, with the Japanese giant announcing the formation of a brand new addition to the Worldwide Studios.

This fledgling development house, Pixelopus, is made up of handpicked game design students from Carnegie Mellon University that were recently working on developing PlayStation Vita games as a part of their coursework. What's more, several other Sony staffers will be joining the team. Most exciting of all, though, is the news that the game that this talented troupe has been working on will be officially revealed at E3.

We have no idea what this title could be, but given the development team's history, we suspect that it will be for the platform holder's beleaguered handheld. Are you excited to see this newly formed studio's handiwork? What do you think that this mystery game might be? Climb aboard the hype train in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

This sounds a little bit like PlayStation C.A.M.P. in Japan. I believe those games start out as student projects, and then they bring in SCEJ employees to flesh them out into commercial projects. Definitely sounds interesting, but I wouldn't expect some AAA blockbuster uber-game. Sounds like they've come up with something cool if they've built a studio around it, though.



GrafUlrich88 said:

I hope Sony will add a few more 1st party studios like Ready at Dawn, Gaijin, and Zombie Studios.





adf86 said:

It's always great to welcome new (especially young) talent, after all games need devs to make them. There's been rumours that Ready at Dawn will be announced as a Worldwide Studio too. On a side note, with Sony Santa Monica moving to a new studio in Playa Vista soon, I wonder if they will change the name?



JaxonH said:

As long as they show these kids how to take a solid concept and turn it into something amazing. Like what Valve did with the students who created Portal. Amazing concept, turned it into a timeless classic. Many young developers have great ideas, but they fail to think big enough (or fail to have deep enough pockets)

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