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inFAMOUS' Standalone DLC Store Page Sheds Some Light on its PS4 Release Date

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Shine on forever

If you've been eagerly waiting on an ETA for inFAMOUS: Second Son's first big slice of downloadable content, you're in luck, as the PlayStation Store's slapped a release date on the cleverly named inFAMOUS: First Light's pre-order page.

The add-on, which puts you in the shoes of spunky conduit Fetch, will supposedly be available from August 26th. We suspect that a European launch date won't be far behind. Will the E3-announced expansion be lighting up your PlayStation 4 sooner than you thought? Is the road to 2014's holiday season looking increasingly attractive? Paint the comments section in neon below.


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Munkyknuts said:

I enjoyed both my good and evil play through of Second Son. However it's world and it's characters didn't have much of a lasting effect on me I'm afraid. I doubt DLC will lure me back into it all, I've already moved on to other things. First Light does look good for those who want more conduit fun tho.



JaxonH said:

Second Son was great while it lasted, granted, when I was through I felt through. I did not feel compelled whatsoever to replay the game with "evil" choices just to gain different moves and skills. Nor have I played the included free DLC yet.

With that said I may just have to get this. I loved Fetch as a character.



drumsandperc92 said:

looking forward to this, only because I'd like to try out this standalone before putting down for the the original game. It'll be like an extensive demo!
I just hope the price is sub $20.



kupoid said:

Should be free, considering the overall lack of content in the base game. Just kidding. But not really.

Also, I don't know how they would do it, but it would be nice if they had a group called the Second Sons in this DLC since the base game had nothing to do with the First Sons of the original game (or really anything else to do with the original games, story-wise).

Anyway, Fetch's neon power was my favorite in the base game, so I may pick this up, depending on how they can design around it to make new gameplay scenarios.



Dohv said:

Really lookin forward to dive back into InFamous with Fetch. Can't wait.



ZeD said:

@JaxonH I played both side and believe me, the evil ending is a lot better.
The story plays out out rather differently. Key moments still happen though.



Donald_M said:

@ZeD The bad ending is better in that it's hilarious, but it really makes no sense. Of course, as has been pointed out to me, neither really does the good path where Delsin becomes Seattle Jesus. This is why I've never liked the moral choice gimmick in games (Except in the Witcher games, where the outcome of your choices is often unexpected and making "good" choices may have bad consequences and vice versa.), it basically hamstrings the narrative, forcing stale, binary good and evil paths rather than a single path featuring a potentially complex and conflicted protagonist. It's left to the supporting cast to do the heavy lifting in terms of character drama because the main guy is stuck being either Dudley Do-Right or Snidely Whiplash.



ZeD said:

@Donald_M I agree with all the endings making no sense. It begs the question where does the big story go from here? In the evil ending does he really learn any lessons from what he has done? No. The same could be said for the good too. They should have just had one ending and the good/evil thing just changed you powers. I remember Infamous 1 where it didn't matter if you were good or evil, everyone hated you.

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