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Homefront: The Revolution Officially Fights for PS4's Freedom in 2015

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pittsburgh is the pits

Homefront: The Revolution isn’t an elaborate rumour, as publisher Deep Silver has just confirmed the title moments after its box art leaked. As originally speculated, the sequel to Kaos Studios’ divisive first-person shooter is in production at Timesplitters developer Crytek UK, and is due out next year on the PlayStation 4.

However, while it may share a title with THQ’s failed experiment, this will be a predominantly new experience. Building from the blueprints of some of its parent company’s most famous properties, this pseudo-sequel will adopt an open world format, in which you’ll be able to optionally work alongside friends in dynamic co-op.

The title will take place four years after the original, and will depict a group of resistance fighters battling against their new Korean overlords in a war torn Pittsburgh. There’s a cinematic trailer embedded below which shows off the title’s sombre art style. A full gameplay demo will be deployed at E3 next week.


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Demi_God said:

I liked the first one with the campaign and stuff, it wasn't that bad of a game but then again, I enjoy games that many people don't. I will most likely get this game as well if it's appealing enough for me.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

"Homefront: The Resistance"? Topic like i said on the "rumour page" Keeping a close eye on it to see if Crytek UK still have their spark.



Dodoo said:

Er... Are there actually going to be any surprises left at E3 next week?

It seems every company with a new game has decided to "leak" it prior instead...



SecondServing said:

The first one wasn't very good...but, I'd be down if it brought some unique things to the table. The first one was practically a CoD clone running at 30fps!



Cloud7794 said:

@SecondServing I actually really enjoyed the first one. Don't know why, but CoD is not a series I can play online, something about it really puts me off. I only played the demo for Homefront, but I liked it leaps and bounds over CoD.



PlaytendoGuy said:

Always wanted to play the first, never did, might get this but I'm more looking forward to CoD and The Division.



kensredemption said: I was hoping the campaign would continue from San Francisco. Seemed like we were making good progress in the resistance. Oh well.

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