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Guide: What Time Are Sony, EA, and Ubisoft's E3 Press Conferences?

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Join us live for the biggest event in gaming

It seems to come around at such a speed that it's hard to believe the last E3 was an entire year ago. The biggest event in gaming kicks off imminently, and with hype beginning to reach peak levels, we here at Push Square are happy to tell you that we'll be streaming each relevant press conference live. As such, we've put together this handy little article to ensure that you don't miss out on any surprises. For those who cover the industry, E3 tends to represent a marathon of non-stop news writing, but for you lot, all you need to do is peruse the schedule that we've put together below, and make sure to have all those snacks at the ready.

EA's E3 2014 Press Conference

EA's presser will be the first that we stream this year, and it should boast a hefty amount of exciting games. Already confirmed to be putting in appearances are Mirror's Edge 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Star Wars: Battlefront. Of course, EA Sports will also take to the stage, and we may even get a glimpse of the next Mass Effect.

Starting times:

Monday, 9th June
12:00PM PDT (Los Angeles)
15:00PM EDT (New York)
20:00PM BST (London)
21:00PM CEST (Berlin)

Tuesday, 10th June
03:00AM AWST (Perth)

EA's conference will last one hour.

Ubisoft's E3 2014 Press Conference

Ubisoft's stage shows are often good for a laugh, but there's no doubt that it usually brings what matters: the games. This year, we can expect the French publisher to show off Assassin's Creed: Unity and Far Cry 4, but we wouldn't be surprised if it ended on a big note once again, wowing the audience with a new property as it seems so fond of doing.

Starting times:

Monday, 9th June
15:00PM PDT (Los Angeles)
18:00PM EDT (New York)
23:00PM BST (London)

Tuesday, 10th June
12:00AM CEST (Berlin)
06:00AM AWST (Perth)

Ubisoft's conference will last one hour.

Sony's E3 2014 Press Conference

There's no doubt that Sony will be concentrating on the PlayStation 4 this year, with the likes of Uncharted PS4 and The Order: 1886 making themselves known. Luckily, we've already penned an article all about the Japanese giant's 2014 presser that you can drool over by clicking through here. That said, it's still difficult to predict all of the company's moves – especially when it's been so suspiciously quiet lately.

Starting times:

Monday, 9th June
18:00PM PDT (Los Angeles)
21:00PM EDT (New York)

Tuesday, 10th June
02:00AM BST (London)
03:00AM CEST (Berlin)
09:00AM AWST (Perth)

Sony's conference will last 90 minutes.

Will you be joining us for these three conferences? We sure hope so. Feel free to detail your hopes and fears in the comments section below, and please try to keep that hype bottled up until the appropriate time.

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ShogunRok said:

I hope everyone who's able will be joining us for each live stream. When the time comes, we'll post each stream as a new article at the top of the front page.



MadchesterManc said:

2am again for Sony I think I'll skip Ubisofts this year n grab a few Z's before Sony start seen as Ubi don't have much of interest this time

@ShogunRok hopefully Sony start on time for a change eh



Lunapplebloom said:

Dang it... Looks like I won't be able to see the conferences live like I did last year. I'll need to catch the recaps this time then...

Thanks for posting up the times though.



k_andersen said:

I'll be going to bed in the next few hours, so I can get up at 2:00 for another company's press conference that won't be named. Then I'll be awake all the way through. Should be an interesting 24 hours.

@get2sammyb That joke really didn't require me to watch the entire video, but I did...



Jaz007 said:

Nice, I'll be watching EA's and Sony's press conferences. I watch EA's on Spikes, and Sony's on the PS4 E3 app. I'll try to see if I can join the live chat for them on here anyway. And if memory serves me right, it won't be a Sont conference unless it runs a half-hour late lol. So I'll need the chat for that time period.
@ShogunRok Dude, that new avatar caught me of guard lol.



Chouzetsu said:

I will watch the show on Sony's PS4 application. Nice how they made an entire app dedicated to watching an event



SuperSilverback said:

2am is earlier than i thought. I should be able to stay awake to watch it. I just hope its worth the lack of sleep!



Carl-G said:

Not sure i can stay up :-/ I normally try but then my Laptop is soooooooooo slow i end up crying But i was thinking if the PS4 E3 App(on my USA PSN Account) works better then i could try & stay up until 2AM UK time. Hmm or maybe i will just watch it in the morning & try to avoid reading gaming sites.



Midget_Sammi said:

I've booked the Wednesday off work so i can stay up till 2am (UK) to watch Sony's better be worth it!



rjejr said:

So Sonys E3 stream will be live here, as in on this website? Guess I'll be here then, that's 9-10:30 for me, pretty much perfect. Will the other 2 be streamed the same way - silverlight, Youtube HTML5, whatever? I don't want to watch them, but they'll be good tests for where and how I watch the Sony show. The PS3 has never been very good at live streams, especially in Home, blech.



sinalefa said:

I will probably watch Sony's conference, no interest in Ubisoft's or EA's


Am I right to assume that you will make a recap of all interesting events seen during the Sony conference at a later date, as sister site NL does with the Nintendo one? Thanks!



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Thanks for the handy list, guys! I really appreciate the hard work all of you pour into the site! And thanks extra for including Berlin in the list!

Have an awesome E3, everybody!

@Midget_Sammi Wouldn't it be better to take Tuesday of, then? I mean, since the press conference starts at Tuesday morning at two? Or did I mess up some times?



adf86 said:

I missed last year's sony conference due to late start time, so had to watch it all the next day while trying to avoid spoilers. Will stay up this time though.



SteveButler2210 said:

This should be good for my work ethic tomorrow - I will need to stay off the internet for most of the day before I can get home and recap! I wish I could say I was dedicated enough to stick it out until 3:30am (assuming they run to schedule), but I'm just not!

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