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Gory Brawler Mortal Kombat X Gets Over Here in 2015

Posted by Sammy Barker

Who's next?

It’s absolutely raining game reveals at the minute, with Mortal Kombat X the latest release to get the teaser trailer treatment. This two minute video clip confirms that the next entry in NetherRealm Studios’ gruesome fighting franchise is in production – and it’s due out next year on as of yet unspecified platforms. Judging by an overnight leak, it looks like it’ll be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The footage shows Sub Zero and Scorpion scrapping it out in a snowy forest environment. While the action is unlikely to be in-game, it does appear to have been designed to show off some of the sequel’s key features, such as the return of bone breaking super moves and also the environmental attacks from Injustice: Gods Among Us. To be honest, we’re not overly keen on the audio or the character designs, but it’s nice to see that the series hasn’t forgotten its goofy side. That fatality is utterly ridiculous.


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rastamadeus said:

Apart from the guy rapping the music fits it quite nicely. And the character designs don't look much different than they have over the last twenty years (good grief). Would be good if this time all the bone breaking bits actually have an impact. If I break Liu Kang's left leg he shouldn't be able to immediately use it to kick me.



THEundying27 said:

Holy $ hit, holy $ hit, holy $ hit!!!!!!

What I'm wondering about the fatality is, if there is a stage with no trees, where does the head stick to? Or is it specifically designed for that stage in the trailer?



Gamer83 said:

Awesome,I have $5 ready to put down for pre-order, lets get platform details.



Gamer83 said:


I've been happy about plenty of announcements and more than once in the past, including very recently, mentioned how much I love MK 9. People apparently only read though when it's negative.



Gamer83 said:


LOL. I remember hearing that back in 2003 when I was in college. I do think they still say it though, at least in upstate NY I hear it from time to time when I'm at the mall.



rastamadeus said:

@Gamer83 Shows you how out of touch I am with the youth then, haha. Turning thirty last week and saying something years old... Man, my street cred is dropping right down.



Pink_Floyd said:

Why doesn't Boon just make a game just about scorpion since his affection for him is evident?



rastamadeus said:

@Pink_Floyd Probably because he's haunted by MK Mythologies: Sub Zero on the N64 and the almost as bad MK: Special Forces on the original PlayStation. Fantasticly terrible games.



Scollurio said:

Cant wait for this, just hope its still in a gritty tone and not too goofy. Also hated the music on this trailer...




Looks great, also nice to see some of the environmental systems from Injustice are going to make it.

If MK9 and Injustice are anything to go by, the story will be great fun!



eLarkos said:

I doubt that is in game footage and I really hope its not. MK needs to be faster than that. P.s that music was terrible haha




@eLarkos I'll bet that's the target look for the engine, if not the engine itself actually.
I'm confident that they know what they're doing. MK9 and Injustice are better fighters than anything on the SFIV engine for my money. And that's saying a lot!



Squiggle55 said:

mortal kombat is the only fighting game that can hold my interest. I just love the characters and the story.



KAPADO said:

Winter is coming ...But lord Scorpion,warden of the north and protector of the realm seems not to fear the white walkers. Get it? A song of ice and fire
Fine ill go home



larry_koopa said:

Cool. Can't wait to see what this will look like in-game.

I have to wonder why they'd change the MK logo after all these years. It's such an iconic image in the video game industry... still, a minor point if the game is good though.



iSillyBoiJudas said:

I like how they were having us see the view as if we were playing the game. This definitely has made me want to keep a lookout for more info on MKX



Littlegunfer25 said:

Beat em ups are dieing they were good on the mega drive but they need to add something else to the game these games can usualy be completed in a day and online fighting gets boring who wnts to pay £50 to be done with in a day lol



Swiket said:

I don't think the song fits the trailer. Some Wu-Tang would've been more fitting.



eLarkos said:

@KALofKRYPTON Yea "in-game footage" was wrong of me to say. I more meant that I doubt that whole trailer was gameplay. I agree, there's a good chance that is the engine and I also have full faith in the MK team. MK 9 is great. I just want the speed to be RIGHT up there!



ReigningSemtex said:

See if this was announced 5 years ago I wouldn't have cared one bit but after how good the last Mortal Kombat was I'm pretty excited for this



ReigningSemtex said:

@Swiket yeah if they were going to do this trailer over a hip hop beat I would much rather wu tang especially with there new album on the way



JuanitoShet said:

I've been playing Mortal Kombat 9 to death lately (and have been on-and-off since I bought it in August of 2011), so I can't WAIT for this! And I'm also glad it'll be available on the PlayStation 3 - I don't have the cash to buy an HDTV & a PS4!

On second thought, I CAN wait for this game. I'm still having way too much fun with Mortal Kombat on my PS3. :B




@JuanitoShet Yes it is a beat 'em up. '2D fighter' is a modern qualifier of sorts, since all 'fighters' were 2D at one point. Perhaps you're thinking about a side-scrolling Beat 'em up - again, side-scrolling being the qualifier.
Just because a term may not be used all that much doesn't mean it isn't what a game is at it's core.

The term Shoot 'em Up (shmup) often gets used for fps games. Where for most of us it still just refers what are now termed 2D shooters.

The only really good beat 'em ups on the MegaDrive were MK 2 and Street Fighter Special Champion Edition - both of which are poor imitations of their SNES counterparts. (If anyone mentions Eternal Champions, may they forever burn in hell).

There are plenty of fine beat 'em ups out there, and fans of the genre won't blink at paying £40 for a game with tight systems and pretty much infinite replayability. As I recall, Street Fighter II Turbo cost my mother £50, so take solace, you have an inflation busting hobby!



biosphere76 said:

Looks fun. However muted it when the 'music' started. Hope it's not going to be in the game.




this looks very nice can not wait to see more gameplay of this gonna add this to my wish list after this

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