Completely over-the-top PC shooter Loadout is heading exclusively to the PlayStation 4, developer Edge of Reality has confirmed over on the PlayStation Blog. The team based blast-'em-up has been compared to Valve's evergreen Team Fortress 2 on many occasions, and has garnered a lot of positive press regarding its supposedly fair free-to-play model.

With a focus on player customisation, both aesthetically and otherwise, Loadout is all about exploring different play styles and weapon combinations. It's comedic and rather violent, too, with big dollops of blood hitting the scenery as players get their limbs blown off or have a hole punched right through their torso. With a release date apparently coming soon, is this a console exclusive that you're happy to see, or are you wary of free-to-play gaming? Take a peek at the title's trailer and blow us to bits in the comments section below.