If you're looking for some perplexing puzzles to dig into in the coming months, allow us to direct your attention towards PlayStation 4 and Vita exclusive Pavilion. The title is described as a 'fourth-person' experience, a moniker which makes even less sense the more you think about it. What this means in simple terms, though, is that you don't actually control the main character, but rather the environment he finds himself in.

What we're most excited about, however, is the game's visuals, which this new trailer does a terrific job of showing off. The contemplative title looks like the delirious brainchild of M.C. Escher and C.S Lewis - by way of The Last of Us - all set to the tune of Enya's worst fever dream. We've got our fingers firmly crossed that the gameplay can live up to this gorgeous presentation.

What do you make of this potentially pretentious puzzler? Will you be picking up Pavilion when it releases later this year? Walk on the ceiling in the comments section below.

[via blog.us.playstation.com, youtube.com]