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E3 2014: You Should Expect More PS4 Announcements at GamesCom and TGS

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony's only getting started

Sony rarely shows its entire hand during a single press conference, and so you should already have expected it to make more PlayStation 4 announcements at GamesCom and the Tokyo Game Show later this year. However, in case you had any doubt, a jubilant Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has hinted in an interview with the PlayStation Blog that there’s plenty more to be revealed over the coming months.

“We have a long list of things at the beginning of the year... y’know, things that we are making,” he beamed. “[We look at] the things that we can possibly show off at E3, GamesCom, or Tokyo Game Show. E3 is big and huge and important, of course, but we want to plan out so that we have really fresh, exciting things to talk about and show at every single big opportunity. So, we have some things for GamesCom and TGS as well.”

It makes sense, of course. While the platform holder revealed the Sumo Digital developed LittleBigPlanet 3 and Demon’s Souls-esque adventure Bloodborne this week, it still has secret projects in production at Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, Sony Santa Monica, and many more. What are you hoping to see later in the year? Jot down your dream reveals in the comments section below.


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Vader-Taters said:

I really hope to see some PS Vita announcements as well as hopefully Playstation All Stars 2, ModNation Racers for PS4, and a game developed by Japan Studio for PS4. I'm definitely hoping to see Gravity Rush 2!



Mrskinner said:

I'm hoping the last guardian May get a mention, but I won't hold my breath



Jaz007 said:

I get the feeling while MS announced more at E3, Sony is going to keep announcing games for PS4 as times go by while MS announced everything.



sinalefa said:

I had no idea Sumo Digital was the one on charge of LBP3. I will be expecting such announcements, but I guess none will be as big as what they announced at E3.



N711 said:

Last Guardian or Bend new game someone hinted as open world horror
I think KillStrain should show up.



WickedKnightAl said:

This right here is why people are so stupid when they talk about who "won" E3, as if it's just over like that.

Sony is the most international of the Big 3 console-makers, and if they focus their absolute attention on America's biggest conference, they won't be maintaining that; after all, they've taken the west quite decisively. That fact only motivated Microsoft and Nintendo -who will naturally be no-shows at Gamescom- to fire every gun they had at once.

Yet you still see a constant stream of entitled complaints that Sony didn't do the same, as if that made sense for their overall strategy.



BambooBushido said:

@WickedKnightAl Exactly people still think E3 is the be all end all of game conferences like Sony is supposed to show everything they've got there it's not that simple



ELAWIS said:

@Bliquid Gamescom was a launching platform for major new Vita announcements. Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Murasaki Baby,, Minecraft, and Borderlands 2 .,so i hope so



ThreadShadow said:

I'm glad there are more announcements, because the more I think about it the poorer Sony's E3 was, imo.
Gravity Rush 2, Heavenly Sword 2, The Last Guardian, Beyond Good & Evil 2, FF XV, Shenmue 3.
These games need to show soon.

@get2sammyb Do you think Until Dawn is being reworked as a PS4+Move+Morpheus title?



Bliquid said:

@ELAWIS argh, i managed to keep my hopes down, before your comment.
Truth be told, i'm happy with my Vita, but i can't forget what an incrediby underused potential it has. Just one thing alone would be enough to make me delighted without anyone specifically to put efforts in developing for Vita: PS2 compatibility, same as PS3. I'm not sure if it could be technically done, but i dare think it should be. That alone would make the flow of must-(re)play titles inextinguishable.



thecrazygaijin said:

Some love for the vita would be nice and some word on the last guardian and loads more ps4 announcements.

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