Announcing a game, and then having it available to purchase immediately is one of the most effective tricks in the book. And that's exactly what Sony did with Entwined, a new artsy experience developed by recently formed internal studio Pixelopus. The title sees you play as two origami-like creatures that are deeply in love. Controlling both of them with separate joysticks, you must slowly bring the lovebirds together over the course of nine lifetimes.

If you need more convincing, the game will also be cross-buy when its PlayStation 3 and Vita versions release later this year. So, in other words, once you've finished reading all our terrific E3 coverage here on Push Square, you should go and give the title a try. In fact, if this reporter wasn't furiously typing away at articles like this one, that's exactly what he'd be doing right now.

Do you like this style of rapid-fire release, or do you prefer to let the hype build? Let us know in the comments section below.