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E3 2014: Yes, Sony's Smallest Ever Console Is Coming Overseas

Posted by Sammy Barker

Meet the microscopic PlayStation TV

Those of you that have been following PlayStation closely will already be familiar with PlayStation TV, as it launched in Japan last year as the slightly less marketable PS Vita TV. The diminutive device is based upon the same hardware as Sony’s handheld platform, and will launch in Western territories later this year for $99/€99. An additional bundle including a DualShock 3 controller, memory card, and a copy of The Lego Movie Video Game will be available for $139 in North America.

What are the benefits of the microconsole, though? Well, it boasts the same Remote Play functionality as Sony’s portable platform, allowing you to bounce PlayStation 4 games around the house. In addition, it’ll be fully compatible with PlayStation Now when the on-demand cloud streaming service officially rolls out in your region.

Of course, that’s not all, as the miniscule machine will also be capable of blowing up your Vita games to the size of a television screen. Alas, due to the various unique features of the handheld device, not all of these titles will work, but the likes of Soul Sacrifice and the God of War Collection will be fully compatible with the unit.

Are you planning to pick up Sony’s puniest ever platform, or do you not see the point in the teensy bit of kit? Broadcast your opinion in the comments section below.


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XFsWorld said:

The price is actually not bad!! I just hope it's compatible with Unit 13 and Uncharted Golden Abyss. I know it'll work for Playstation Battle Royale..



Link41x said:

It's not compatible with Uncharted: Golden Abyss unfortunately....



KelticDevil said:

This would be a good purchase if you own a Vita. Playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss on your TV would be a huge plus.



Farmboy74 said:

Why not make the Vita TV compatible with the dualshock 4?. You would be able to play the entire Vita / PSP catalogue.



danny2kd said:

I think in Japan they made it ds4 compatible, this is really tempting to buy not just for the gaming point but also media, think they need to bring that 64gig to the west then il be sold



Dodoo said:

I might be interested in this if I didn't already have a Vita and if it didn't have compatibility issues, but as it stands it's not for me...



ReigningSemtex said:

Hmm I like the idea of having remote play in any room of the house so could be worth getting one but I will wait until I hear more



AG_Awesome said:

I want to be able to play every PSP and PSOne game on this in addition to the Vita games. Vita isn't compatible with them all though so does that mean id HAVE to rebuy them on Now or something?

Or perhaps the idiots that run Sony will finally enable all these missing games? I can't stand not having many of my titles from the PSP era missing on the Vita.



SteveButler2210 said:

I am almost disappointed in myself by the fact that I will probably end up buying one of these just for the TV compatible remote play, rather than taking 5 seconds to unplug the PS4 and move it to another room in the house, or using the Vita I already have. Almost, but not quite.

Would definitely need to make it DS4 compatible though.



rjejr said:

So it is NOT "Vita TV" anymore, it's "PS TV", even though it's raison d'etre is playing Vita games on the tv? Or is it all about streaming PS4 games to multiple tvs now? Does it stream PS3 games? I could really use 1 of those.

Packing in the Lego Movie game is the dumbest decision I've ever seen any video game company make. Ev-ER. You can already play that game on tv on every system ever made. I think SNES got a port. How about packaging in, oh I don't know, a Vita exclusive maybe? One that works of course. I want to play Uncharted, Tearaway, Little Deviants and Gravity Rush, but I'm guessing none of those will work?

I bought a tv a few week sago w/ HDMI b/c my old LCD was DVI. One reason was to buy a box as I decided a box was better than a more expensive smart tv. This, Chromecast, Roku, Fire - something will be hooked up to my tv, so now I really need to research this. Anybody have any helpful links? Not the official ones, they never tell you anything useful. Does this do all the "App" stuff that PS3 does like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle etc?



Heiki said:

I may actually buy this just to play Persona 4 Golden on the big screen. That's just how much I love that game. It's sad to see the Vita being outcast, though. I love my Vita for all the Japanese games we're getting.

Still, I think Sony has the upper hand over the likes of Fire TV and Apple TV, even though I don't really care about remote play or PlayStation Now. I mean, I'd rather play real games... **cough** Persona 4 Golden **cough**.



danny2kd said:

They need to bring Netflix and all the others to the UK for this to take off because all we have is YouTube... Yeyy... Exciting stuff cough



DoublezZ01 said:

Glad I'm not super picky with games! !!.... Thank goodness....50 percent of my radio is for the PS4 remote play! !! From my room to a73 awesome. ..sooooo glad I waited instead of importing. gut told me it was coming that it would be common sense for Sony to bring this device over to the US and it happened so happy =)



Tasuki said:

Wait a minute if you can remote play PS4 games then how would they work if you are using a DS 3 instead of a DS 4?



Alpha said:

1 question... is this device worth the $99? In my opinion YES... Yes it is.



darthstuey said:

so can you not stream from the vita to the ps tv and use the vita as a controller?



jmburks said:

My only problem with this device is that they didnt make it compatable with the dualshock 4. If they had done this then we would be able to play all of the vita games (tearaway) because we could just use the touch pad on the controller in place of the touch screen of the vita. otherwise i'm excited for this. I would much rather have this in my bedroom over a roku.

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