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E3 2014: The Last of Us Remastered Will Break Your Heart All Over Again on 29th July

Posted by Kell Andersen


As one of its key titles leading into the holiday season, it's not surprising that Sony decided to showcase The Last of Us Remastered near the end of its E3 presentation. It is, however, incredibly surprising that it would choose to do so in such a spoiler-heavy fashion. Make no mistake, if you've not played The Last of Us, you should avoid this trailer like the plague.

If you haven't closed the window, we suspect you either don't care about spoilers, or you're wondering how much better the updated version of Naughty Dog's latest actually looks. If it's the latter, we're happy to confirm that the terrifying title looks extremely pretty in the newly released clip. If it's the former, this is your last chance to reconsider.

Will you be picking up The Last of Us Remastered when it launches for PlayStation 4 on 29th July? Are you sufficiently impressed with the rejigged visuals? Craft a shiv in the comments section below.


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RaymanFan2 said:

That trailer shows extraordinarily little gameplay. The vast majority of it was cutscenes. Maybe, up against stuff like Arkham Knight and U4, they made the call to show mostly cutscenes because they simply look the best (even in this rerelease, the cutscenes will definitely still be the best looking parts, no doubt).



N711 said:

Doesnt make sense to show a trailer full of spoilers



Mrskinner said:

I didn't watch it, this is a game I missed upgrading to PS4. I want to play it spoiler free



ztpayne7 said:

We already knew what happened with the spoilers, but that was so funny to have that in there. Kinda defeats the point of showing a trailer during e3, doesn't it?



Shaolin said:

I was always going to wait to get this because I only fairly recently platinum'd it on PS3 but I have to say that after seeing this trailer I'll have to see some sample gameplay to determine if there's enough of an improvement to justify a double-dip.



Epic said:

Meh had enough with of TLOU with one playthrough, I thought they shoudn't have even bothered showing a trailer.
After all this game is already 1 year old and almost everyone knows all the stuff related to the game.



BL_Donth said:

You can hear some people groan when the spoiler warning showed up

Still no news on PS3 players being able to upgrade. Last time Naughty Dog was asked, they said they were "looking into it".



charlesnarles said:

Yeah, that song's lyrics would make the game better (having to get/purify enough water and catch enough fish or animals to feed you both) but nope, nobody learned from FO:NV's hardcore mode / Frostfall on Skyrim PC. I'll still probably be suckered into buying it

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