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E3 2014: Sony's New PS4 App Brings You Even Closer to the Greatest Show on Earth

Posted by Sammy Barker

Front row seats

Sony’s got so little to show at E3 2014 that it’s built a brand new application for PlayStation 4 owners in the United States that will bring you closer to the action than ever before. Available to download from the PlayStation Store right now, the digital download feels like an evolution of the PlayStation Home-based experiences that it’s built in the past.

Indeed, in addition to allowing you to stream the platform holder’s press conference live, you’ll also be able to peruse trailers and partake in challenges, which will enable you to accrue a total of 250 Sony Rewards Points. And that’s not all: you’ll also be able to grab 30-day trials to both Amazon Prime and proprietary audio streaming service Music Unlimited.

And just to sweeten the deal, the manufacturer will also be giving out PlayStation Now betas to the first 6,000 people to assume their seats for the press conference from 12:00PM PDT on 10th June. With this and the theatre initiative, the company’s sure going to a lot of effort to stand on stage and say absolutely nothing, don’t you think?


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Carl-G said:

It's time for me to moan I downloaded this from my USA PSN account but it won't let me play it on my UK PSN account :-/ Just like if i download a demo off my USA PSN account(or Japan PSN account) there is a lock icon and i can't play them unless i go to the account I downloaded them from?!?! Totally stupid that is and i could do that on the PS3. I do hate these pointless stupid restrictions :-/ Anyway the App looks Cool(when i viewed it on my USA account)



ztpayne7 said:

I might get this to stream the show - but don't worry - I'll still have pushsquare handy. I just would like to view it on a machine other than my computer to my tv. It just makes it easier.



N711 said:

@ztpayne7 Just use your browser in your PS4.. I already bookmarked Twitch Im usually not really interested in Apps (a lot of them are just crappy and best to use the site link)



Dohv said:

I'm glad I don't have to watch a stream on the computer now. I downloaded the E3 app last night.



Shaolin said:

To be honest Sony has always been a bit lacking with regards to streaming their events. However, this app does represent a real step forward though so fingers crossed that better availability of next year's E3 comes to all PlayStation fans.



Jaz007 said:

Sweet, now I can watch it on my TV, and I've already downloaded it. Thanks for the news Sammy!



Demi_God said:

This is Sony's way of telling spike TV to take a hike for what they pulled last year, I don't think they aired Sony's press conference last year, or was it the year before? This should have been released everywhere that the PS4 is supported in.



ThreadShadow said:

Every console (MS/Sony/Nintendo) should have been doing this long ago, but they never did. Real missed opportunities.



Wickedkitten said:

@Carl-G You have to have your PS4 activated as the primary console for those accounts in order to use them on other accounts. Once you get that sorted, it works.

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