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E3 2014: Sony Says It Won't Ever Force Microtransactions into Its Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Microtransactions are a mainstay in the current console climate, but Sony says that it won’t ever shoehorn the contentious mini-payments into its games. Speaking with GameSpot, software product development head Scott Rohde coolly claimed that the company will only employ the real world purchases where it makes sense – and even then it’s something that it’ll consider before blundering ahead.

“This is a case-by-case decision on every single game,” he told the popular publication. “In some games, it makes more sense. In other games, you could argue that it makes absolutely no sense. I like to say that at PlayStation, we don't have a distinct policy. If it makes sense in the universe of a game, then certainly, we'll look at it. But it's not something that we try to force into any game, nor do we try to force it out.”

Releases like Gran Turismo 6 have allowed you to spend a small amount of money to unlock credits in the game, but these can be easily earned during races. Meanwhile, some of the manufacturer’s free-to-play titles such as Destiny of Spirits and No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either have employed a similar model to smartphone hits, allowing you to upgrade your experience by spending a little money.

Of course, while this model is more widely accepted in complimentary content, it’s a much greater sticking point in retail releases. The likes of Battlefield 4, for example, allow you to spend an extortionate amount of money on unlocking weapons, while you can obtain bank balance boosts in Grand Theft Auto V. Are you comfortable with these additional money spinners existing as long as they can be ignored, or do you think that the practice needs to end? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Epic said:

I always thought about it this way, if a game makes it that to the point hard at some where gamers ever require this microtransactions, the games pace is horribly balanced.
I can accept this from a Free to Play, after all their business center around thisbut would never accept it for a retail games or pay to play games.
It just doesn't make any sense IMCHO.



Kirk64 said:

I'm completely fine if a game has microtransactions just as long as the game doesn't require them. Not everyone has time to grind levels or money to unlock new features. The ability to speed up such a process can save time for people who need it.



Azikira said:

If it's entirely optional, that's okay! Take League of Legends, for example; You can unlock every single character in game without spending a penny, and there are tons of free characters that rotate every week. You CAN, however, choose to spend money on different cosmetic choices, ranging from the character in a space suit, to being in pool-party garb!

TLDR: I think optional cosmetic items are a good way to use micro-transactions.



JohnKarnes said:

As long as they are in the game and you can unlock them with out paying I'm fine with them. Even at that the prices are way to high. selling a hat for dollars when it should be 25 cents! I mean how much value do you put on something simple as a hat in a game or outfit $1,000 - $100,000 when you put it to possible sales?



Liamrhys1 said:

If the game is free-to-play I don't mind because it's like I'm paying for the game anyway but if it's something I've paid nearly £55 with an additional price for a season pass I think it's ridiculous



Jaz007 said:

I think they're understandable when they are an afterthought. I miss the days when cheat codes did this.



Azikira said:

@Jaz007 So true. I remember in certain games you could only unlock certain characters, weapons or maps by using them! It was like on-cartridge DLC.



iSillyBoiJudas said:

It's unbelievable how many games are bringing this into the games. Games should be fully playable regardless to microtransactions or special packages to gain more foothold in games. What I see that should only have a price on it is DLC & I'm not even a fan of those really but buy them to get more gameplay from the games I like.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I'm definitely against microtransactions, but as long as they're optional/not required to play the storyline, then I don't care.



rastamadeus said:

The only problem with microtransactions is when they are necessary to advance in a game. The amount of mobile phone games that cheat so you can't progress is incredible. Was watching my Mum play one yesterday morning, Farm Heroes, and it's a make three puzzle game. Thing was there were "grumpy" ones who if connected as a group would turn the whole group grumpy and didn't count towards your tally. You had to get I think 20 green, blue, orange and yellow but life after life was wasted as the game continuously put out new crops that were only grumpy. It was impossible to finish. After about fifteen attempts a sign came up saying "why not buy (whatever it was called) which makes all crops happy for one turn?" Disgusting really. These games are made to cheat you into spending money. If console games start doing that then I think it will be the end of my gaming days. Sorry for the essay.



Alpha said:

For Games like Destiny of Spirits and small Mobile games its fine... but for games like GTA V and Gran Turismo 6 and even Battlefield 4, i Believe it needs to end bad!



MadchesterManc said:

I dont understand the whining people seem to do for optional microtransactions. Take GT6 for example. Ive played every GT game, the game has always had 'the grind' for credits to buy that shiny new car. If you dont have the time for that anymore, then whats wrong in a person paying a little extra, its their CHOICE at the end of the day, to get more credits instead of grinding? It only becomes an issue when, as what happened to Forza 5 at launch, the in-game economy is so borked towards microtransactions that you feel as though you have to pay for credits as the amount you get from grinding is pittance & cars are overpriced. As long as they are optional and there a choice, I dont care. Really. I'll still be playing the game without paying any extra.

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