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E3 2014: Sony Promises to Let You Know if The Last Guardian Gets Cancelled

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't get in a flap

The Last Guardian has not been cancelled. Sony has reiterated on multiple occasions this week that the title is still in development, and it gains absolutely nothing from stringing fans along and lying about that fact. In fact, chatting with Polygon, affable executive Shuhei Yoshida has stressed that the company promises to let people know should the anticipated Team ICO release ever get binned in the future.

“It exists; the team is working hard on it,” the Worldwide Studios president stressed in an interview with Polygon. “I was heartbroken when some article came out on some major site saying that it was cancelled. I will say this: when we cancel a title and it is something that we have announced already, we'll say so. It's a highly anticipated title, we have to do so.”

IGN reported prior to E3 2014 that Fumito Ueda’s ambitious escapade had been canned, but it later retracted the story after a slew of Sony employees refuted the claims. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s been several years since we last saw the game, which was originally announced over five years ago. The platform holder’s said that it will make more announcements at GamesCom and the Tokyo Game Show later this year, so now we wait.


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Kirk64 said:

It's nice that they will let us know if the project gets cancelled. Hopefully we'll get more news as TGS and GamesCom.



charlesnarles said:

I'd really be surprised if I were able to play MGS5 and Battlefront but not TLG. At least some time in 2015 almost for sure...right?



Chouzetsu said:

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, The Last Guardian x Half-life 3 x Mother 4 is announced



sinalefa said:

Of course they are working on it, they just don't even have a single screenshot to show in years. The Last Nukem Forever.

The day they announce it as cancelled is the day they are based off of Japan, so they don't see the pitchforks and torches burning down their building.



Alpha said:

This reminds me of that one game... you know final fantasy Versus XIII or should it now be called Final Fantasy XV lol. Hopefully when it comes out itll be amazing.

I kinda have an idea, what if the developers wanted to say it was canceled and then bring it out when its finished as a "HOLY CRAP IT WAS COMPLETED!!" type thing when everyone thought it was scrapped? and what if the reason why Sony came out and said its still in production is because they are in agreement and that Team ICO couldn't do that but they tried anyway? It could be that....? I know its a long shot but stranger things have happened.



ThreadShadow said:

Five years ago they had enough to make a trailer for E3, but since then they've had nothing to show? Even if it's been transferred to PS4, shouldn't they be able to show the same trailer in PS4 graphics now?

Oh well, they are probably saving it for TGS, and whatever that Killstrain and or Guerilla game for Gamescom.



Imagremlin said:

I suspect that "still working on it" means a couple of guys are allowed to think about it every now and then.



Jaz007 said:

That's good to know, this puts an end to all the rumors I guess, though I think by this point it's like the crying wolf too many times anyway.



hYdeks said:

No offense, but its taking them so long to make this game that I lost my interest in it

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