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E3 2014: PS4's Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept Targets a Trailer and Aims at a Release Date

Posted by Robert Ramsey

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The Killzone franchise has always lacked a dedicated co-op component — something that many Helghast hunters have dreamed of. Thankfully, Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept, a mode that focuses on four player teamwork, was announced back when the PlayStation 4 title launched, and it's finally got a release date.

Launching on the 24th June, the gunslingers among you won't have long to wait before diving into the action with friends or complete strangers, and of course,it's a free addition if you've purchased the game's season pass. However, even if you don't own the parent piece of software, you can still join the fun on the 5th August, when the DLC will be released as a standalone slice of content. If you're still unsure if it's for you, take a look at the short but rather informative trailer that we've embedded, and tell us all about your favourite hig killing methods in the comments section below.

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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Looks as lovely as ever, is this going to be like a mini game such as freedom cry then I guess or more of a standalone online multiplayer? Somewhat confused still...



ShogunRok said:

@SimonAdebisi It'll essentially be this one mode as a standalone release, nothing else. So if you don't have the game, you can buy this by itself, and play the whole co-op component.



KillTheG1mp said:

Anyone care to play with me online? I'm lacking friends owning KZ:SF on PS4 but I love the multi and I'd love to play Intercept with folks on PushSquare!

PSN is the same as my user name.



DoublezZ01 said:

JetPacks baaaaaaack!!!!!! That's enough fir me! !!! =D @ KT Gimp sure ill play with ya online i have another buddy who would gladly play aswell!!!

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