The bizarrely disjointed nature of Sony’s corporate structure is always a source of bemusement, but this PlayStation 4 exclusive produced by Loot Entertainment is a real head scratcher. From what we can understand, the studio is a subsidiary of the Japanese giant’s disc manufacturing division – and, as previously rumoured, it’s working on a title named Fluster Cluck.

The release – which will be on display in the Nyko booth rather than the primary PlayStation stand at E3 next week – promises to take you on “an out-of-this-world, cosmic adventure riddled with fast-paced challenges, unusual intergalactic beings, and quite a few flusters”. Your role will be to “chikkinize” as many objects as you encounter, in order to help promote two “Chikkin Koop” employees to middle management.

Judging by the screenshots, it looks like a simple three-dimensional blaster, with a split-screen multiplayer mode. The title’s set to spread its wings to Sony’s new system later this summer, so make sure that you keep a beady eye out for it. Are you going quackers for this announcement? Yes, we know that that pun doesn’t work, but we’re in a rush. Sorry.