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E3 2014: Grand Theft Auto V to Score Special Surprise if You Buy on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Added incentive

Sony was given the unique privilege of announcing Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4, so it’s little wonder that it’s cooking up something special for the next-gen port. Speaking with Kotaku, marketing executive John Koller hinted that there’s a special bonus in the pipeline for those who purchase the re-release on its latest super machine – but it’s not ready to divulge what at this stage.

“I don't think that we announced anything publicly on that, but there will be,” he said when quizzed directly about the prospect of some kind of added treat. The platform holder has been pretty proactive when it comes to exclusive content and extras, so you should probably expect a small sweetener in the form of an additional weapon, costume, or, potentially, vehicle.

Koller continued that, despite being a multiformat affair, Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that’s strongly associated with the PlayStation brand. “It started with us,” he explained. “We really feel strongly that it belongs as a key platform driver for us." He continued that more information will be announced as the title edges closer to its fall release window.

It’s worth mentioning that the PS4 version will allow you to import your multiplayer data from either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360. Moreover, developer Rockstar Games is promising that the package will provide more than just a minor visual bump – as evidenced by these side-by-side comparison images. Are you planning to pick this revamp up? Curse like Trevor in the comments section below.


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scottishgiforce said:

The only surprise I'd like to see would be if all customers who purchased the PS3 version through the PSN Store were able to either get the PS4 upgrade for free or for a small fee (like they did for Call of Duty Ghosts and Assassins Creed)

Not I'd feel if I was asked to pay full price for it again



Gamer83 said:

Hopefully something really cool for the guys who plan to re-buy. I'm hoping there's some singleplayer content on the way for the PS3 version, I was under the impression there is that's why I haven't packed the PS3 away quite yet.



Boerewors said:

I'm looking forward to a better drawing distance and fps, but in terms of resolution or how the game looks I'm actually not convinced I like the ps4 version better from what I've seen. You can clearly see the differences in the GIFs posted earlier, but I wouldn't choose for the revamped look in most cases, there was nothing wrong with the old look. I had the same with Tomb Raider and I'm pretty sure TLOU will be even worse... It's the same thing as I had with some 720p vs 1080p comparisons where due to upscaling and other effect I preferred the look of the lower res version when I had to choose blindly. Anyone else having this as well? Usually people don't double dip out of principle, I don't because I actually like the other look better.



Gamer83 said:


I actually liked the upgrade in Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. I'll have to see GTA V 'definitive' running before making a final judgement I guess. But based on screenshots, I'd for the new look if I didn't already have the PS3 version.



Alpha said:




Midzark said:

Yes can't wait!! This is AMAZING news as I'm re buying this!!! More news I shall be keeping my eyes open on more news!!! Whoop whoop



heather651 said:

This is great! When I bought my PS4, I knew that I'd eventually play this game on it...I already preordered and to be able to transfer player progress is a plus....Oh, and I'm horrible at cursing like Trevor...



Dodoo said:

I really hope R*/Sony do an "upgrade" scheme for those of us that already own the PS3 version.

Don't really feel like paying full whack for this but am interested in playing it again on my PS4...



banacheck said:

I'm still waiting for Tomb Raider Definitive Edition to drop in price to the point I'm happy paying as I've already got the game on the PS3, I buy all my games new to support the dev's and keep them for good. The only game I don't mind buying again is Diablo3 as it adds a lot of new content, not sure about GTAV. I love GTAV so I'll wait and see what this added incentive is, hopefully it makes paying full price again for a game you've already got worth it.



banacheck said:

Just wondering has R* confirmed GTAV is 1080p-60fps PS4 as I cannot find anything on that, good to know Uncharted4 will be 1080p-60fps as confirmed by Naughty Dog.



longshot28 said:

Honestly If there is no upgrade option, I'll be passing. Not worth a full price re purchase for me.



Carl-G said:

Don't really want to buy it again if it cost £50'ish :-/ Yeah i know you can get PS4 games off Amazon for £40'ish but that is still to much i think + It's strange they didn't say anything at E3 about any PS4 Exclusive stuff? That would of been a big thing(well if it was sometime good anyway) Hmm maybe it's a demo of that game they announced 100 years ago'iah called 'Agent'



bbq_boy said:

This looks fantastic. I was blown away by the trailer at e3, especially near the end with hundreds of cars on the highway. Glad I skipped ps3 version. How about a lovely surprise of throwing GTA4 in hd for free



InsaneMikeB said:

I worked out that i've spent around 145 hours playing GTA V on my PS3. Kinda sad, but cannot wait to spend that much time playing it on the PS4! Hopefully they will release the bank heists though. Waaaay overdue

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