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E3 2014: From Software's Project Beast Revealed As PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne

Posted by Joey Thurmond

Face your fears, and prepare to die

From Software is known the world over for its cult classic PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls, which paved the way for its spiritual successors in the Dark Souls series. These action RPGs are famously – and perhaps infamously – known for their richly detailed stories, insane difficulty, and visually eerie atmosphere. While rumours and leaked screenshots aplenty have indicated that the developer's latest project will retain its predecessors' general look and gameplay, we nevertheless screamed in delight as the game emerged from its mysterious Fog Gate as Bloodborne.

While there is unfortunately no gameplay to speak of, there's a load of haunting yet impressive sights to make out in this game's cinematic trailer. We're greeted to a descending view of a gloomy city under nightfall, replete with gorgeous Gothic architecture around every corner. However, this solemn beauty is hampered down by the abandoned streets below, which are riddled with detritus and the undead corpses of humans and animals. The supposed protagonist is then shown wielding a shotgun and a strange axe-like weapon, which he uses to hack down his enemies in grotesque fashion.

View the trailer below to see and speculate more of what Bloodborne will be bringing to the PlayStation 4. What other secrets does the trailer hold for us, and what do you think of the official unveiling of From Software's latest property? Let us know by kindling the bonfire in the comments section.


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Gamer83 said:

This looked cool. I really wish I could get into From Software's games. Tried Demon's Souls and Dark Souls and neither clicked. I'm thinking I should give this one a try when it comes out though and hope I like it. That's happened with other games and series, never cared for Far Cry until 3.



AVahne said:

Hmmm, PS4 gets Bloodborne (and deep down) while XBone gets Scalebound. Assuming Scalebound is a multiplayer action RPG rather than Platinum's usual action games, these two systems will be getting some nice RPG love from Japan.
Now then, will Wii U get a brand new ANNOUNCEMENT for a new action RPG as well? Or will Wii U RPG fans only have X to look forward to?



Mrskinner said:

I'm intrigued, but would have liked to have seen some gameplay. Too many cinematic trailers altogether at e3 for me



ThreadShadow said:

I think a lot of DS fans will be disappointed that Project Beast turned out to be this, but maybe not. Certainly not for me. EDIT: As in, this isn't a game for me. And by DS I mean a lot were really hoping this would be DS2, taking place in the same world/lore.



banacheck said:

Another classic game in the making from From Software, looks very good cannot wait to see more.



Bliquid said:

@ThreadShadow : i'll tell you the truth, i'm a huge fan of the Souls series. I think it got as far as changing the way videogames are made. Many developers try to add that "Dark Souls" kind of flavour to their games lately, and the man behind Bloodborne is the man who created all of it.
So i trust that it will be a real something.
But i am, as you say, a little disappointed.
Not because it has a different setting and, seems, premise. Because it looks a little bit "vampiric-generic".
I don't really know what ti think, it's just i'm not hyped like i should be, atm.
But ofc it's too early.



GraveLordXD said:

@ThreadShadow can't speak for everyone else but as for me I'm not disappointed at all just surprised its not another souls game considering how similar they look
I'm actually happy its something a little different



3rdEyeMind said:

Absolutely not. We all wanted Miyazaki to give us something new. NeoGAF more-or-less went into meltdown with this one. The only game of E3 to do so.

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