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E3 2014: Assassin's Creed: Unity Takes Us on a Tour of Its Open World

Posted by Robert Ramsey

7 minutes of gameplay up for stabbing

Following on from its earlier showing at Microsoft's press conference, Assassin's Creed: Unity has taken to the streets of Paris once again in a gameplay demo that spans over seven minutes.

Taking up a sizeable portion of publisher Ubisoft's presser, the next-gen sequel shows off everything from incredibly agile parkour to improved stealth mechanics. That's right — we can actually take cover behind small objects now. Of course, the video concludes with the arrival of three other assassins, again emphasising the title's co-op focus. Can you already smell the blood on the streets? Are you ready for a revolution, or does this just look like more of the same from the historical franchise? Awkwardly run up the same wall three times in a row in the comments section below.

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Bliquid said:

I loved AC until 3.
Still love the concept and art direction.
But this trailer bored me to death, haven't even finished watching.
Seems to me like the definition of "more of the same".
Of the same of the same.
But i laughed when it said that for the first time there's gonna be a stealth mode.
Like, really?
It took you only 6 games.
And yet it doesn't seem to change much, gameplay/flow speaking.

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