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E3 2014: A Staggering Number of Xbox Fans Have Converted to PS4, Says Sony

Posted by Kell Andersen

The tide has turned

While Sony's E3 2014 press conference may have been bogged down by needless corporate numbers, there was just no way that we could pass up on this juicy statistic. Speaking with Kotaku, PlayStation America marketing executive John Koller stated that the PlayStation 4 has attracted an incredibly high number of new consumers for the platform holder.

Impressively, it seems that hordes of Microsoft and Nintendo fans have decided to switch sides, and are now happy converts to the PlayStation nation. Indeed, nearly 31 per cent of people who have adopted the super machine purchased only an Xbox 360 or Wii last generation, and not a PlayStation 3.

Koller also noted that the new machine is successfully drawing in the hardest of the hardcore gamers. “The person that we’ve picked up since launch primarily is someone that we call the connoisseur – someone that unequivocally loves games,” the executive continued. “They are the people who, when you walk in [to their home], there are no books on their book shelves – they’re all game packages. They’re the people who stood in line at midnight [for the console's launch]."

Obviously the console war can get a little melodramatic at times, but it's still nice to hear that the Japanese giant has managed to salvage a group of stragglers that may have otherwise been lost in the crossfire. What do you make of this super statistic? Are you happy to see more gamers embracing greatness? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Dohv said:

That doesn't mean you have to focus on 3rd party and buy exclusive content from 3rd party games, like MS did last gen. I hate that.



WARDIE said:

This doesn't surprise me in the least. I've been a gamer for nearly thirty years and have always had all consoles. I loved my original XBOX back when Bill Gates was involved and equally enjoyed my 360 but somewhere along the way microsoft lost my trust and that was before E3 2013. Love my PS3 also but that didn't gain its momentum until later into its cycle. My PS4 on the other hand is the new love in my life and at the minute I have no plans on picking up the XBOX ONE. Maybe in a year or two but for now Im happy with my 360,PS3,Vita and PS4. It is nice to see Sony take back the top spot though.



rjejr said:

I really don't understand all those people who didn't own a PS3. PS2 is by far my all time favorite system, w/ Dreamcast a distant 2, but the PS3 has had so many good games for such a decent price - $199 every holiday - over the past few years. I'ld tell anybody today w/o any system at all to buy a PS3 and stock up on PS2 HD collections and any PS3 game getting ported to PS4, that's 2 years worth of playing games right there. And LBP3 may still be coming.

So how many people w/o a PSP switched from DS to Vita?



bbq_boy said:

Most of my mates have moved from 360 to ps4. And funnily although we are also pc mmo type gamers we've also jumped onto vita platform a couple months back. I've actually yet to meet anyone who actual owns a xbox one.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr I think for a lot of more 'mainstream' gamers, they bought an Xbox 360 early on (or they knew people who owned an Xbox 360), and that just became their console of choice.The early success of the PS4 should ultimately allow Sony to catch those people who only play FIFA or Madden, and it'll probably snowball from here. Of course, Microsoft's reacted much quicker than Sony did with the PS3, so we'll see.



AhabSpampurse said:

I'm one of 'em. Hate to think of myself as a connoisseur though, more like antisocial introvert... With a wife and children.



eaglebob345 said:

I had a PS2 for KH1 and KH2, then I skipped a generation. Then I got a Wii U because it was backwards compatible. I will still get a PS4 for KH3, though.



Tasuki said:

@rjejr: At the time when I got my 360 the only thing I was interested in was the games not appearing on the Wii like GTA IV for example. They were both on the 360 and PS3 but at the time the 360 was the cheaper of the two. So I went with the 360.

With that said yeah I am one of those people that switched from MS to Sony and I am glad that I did. I loved the PS2 and when I got the PS4 it just felt so good to have another Sony system. Unless Xbox One comes out with some amazing game I will probably stick with the PS4 this gen.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Ayup, I'm one of those. Never owned the original Xbox, but PS1 and 2 and went with the 360 because it came out earlier. Never bought a PS3 because I could only afford one console plus the games and also, my friends mostly were on Xbox 360 at the time the PS3 launched. Not to forget Sonys disgusting arrogance at the beginning of the PS3s life cycle.

For the most part of last gen, I was a very happy 360 owner despite 3 or 4 of 'em RRoDing on me. Then I was absolutely shocked and disgusted by MS' original policies and decided to return to the PS nation and am very happy with my decision. Might get an X1 eventually for the Halo games, but surely not anytime soon.



Demi_God said:

The PS4 is just the better system, with games coming out such as The Order: 1886, LBP3, UC4, Planetside 2, Driveclub, Bloodborne, and whatever else, Those are the games I want. Also, the 3rd party games are going to be better on the PS4 anyway, maybe not by much but still noticeable in terms of resolution and stuff like that.

The only other game that isn't on the PS4 that I'm really excited about is ZELDA on the WiiU, that looks AMAZING.



Kidfried said:

The pricing is really important. Last generation there were great games for both systems in all different genres, but the pricing of the PS3 was absurd, until recently. So I bought an Xbox 360; both system had just about the same amount of awesome games, so why pay the extra bucks?
My early adopting of the PS4 is partly because of the pricing, but also the prospect of PS4 winning this generation easily. At the end of its lifespan the PS3 easily had better exclusives than the Xbox 360, that was important to me too.



hYdeks said:

and again sony saids everyones running to their ps4 well guess what sony, I went for ps3 to xbox 360 and xbox one, so suck it lol only reason some people went from xbox 360 to ps4 is because they just want the most powerful machine (go pc morons!). Ps4 interests me, but Xbox One is getting more and better exclusive games.

Sometimes I feel like just buying a Wii U and saying the hell with the PlayStation vs Xbox minor differences crap



xxxsamwisegxxx said:

Yep me to xbox 360 to PS4. Best gaming decision ever. Just wish there were more games but who dosent



General_Spiller said:

Yeah. I went PS1, PS2...halo totally got me hooked so Xbox and then 360. But as the life cycle of 360 drew on, i got more and more frustrated with MS. Bought a PS3 in 2013 for the JRPGs and day 1 bought PS4.

But the thing is, it wasn't Sony that pulled me in per se. It was MS who pushed me out. But i'm so glad. The PS3 and PS4 are both superb machines and the content is excellent.



Tasuki said:

@hydeks: The reason I went from 360 to PS4 is because of MS policies at the time and the price. Why would I pay an addition $100 for a piece of equipment I would never use? Now if they came out with the Kinectless Xbox One that they are offering now and didn't have all that stupid BS always online and can't play rental games polices to begin with I may have went with an Xbox One, but as it is I went with the PS4 cause it was the best console at the time that fitted my needs and budget.



Kohaku said:

I didn't turn to the PS4. I allready bought them all so I can play Forza and Mario Kart 8 also. I have to miss games I like when I only should buy a PS4.
And since the Xbox One with Kinect is only 50 euro's more expensive than a PS4 there was no reason not to buy a Xbox One so I can play a race game what is not possible at the PS4 now.



Midzark said:

I'm converted 😋 360>PS4 😁😁😁 In Sony I Trust!! ❤️❤️



kensredemption said:

This particular statistical focus worries me. The last thing I want is to run into a bunch of hipsters thinking graphics, mainstream third-party titles and premium services make the "best" console. The only game I've been playing hardcore on my PS4 so far is Final Fantasy XIV and that's only because I don't have to pay for party chat or to play online - save for Square Enix's subscription fee. Knack was broken, but fun. Definitely a masochistic platformer. Killzone: Shadow Fall looked too much like an Unreal game like Gears of War or Bulletstorm and was absurdly imbalanced online. As for third-party support, it's still as patchy and buggy as it was last-gen. Apparently, "good" games need to be constantly adjusted post-launch. No thanks, I'll still hop on my Wii U to play MK8, and since Bayonetta AND Bayonetta 2 are coming to the Wii U in the fall alongside Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. I may not boot the PS4 up for a few months. I'd better get the platinum trophy in XIV before then...



JaredJ said:

last gen I had a Wii and a PS3. Currently I have a Wii U with plans to get a PS4 next year. I always buy both Nintendo and PlayStation.



daveh30 said:

last gen i started out with a Wii & 360. i got sick of getting 360's replaced/ repaired after the 3rd RROD in a year and went with the PS3. upgraded my Wii to the U and PS3 to the 4.... done with MS. If i had to choose one, Nintendo always comes first. In fact, if Nintendo ceased to exist, i'd give up video games completely. Sony consoles are just to keep me occupied between big Nintendo releases...



Remixora said:

I have nerver had a XBOX of any kind, but I allways loved their controllers. I have allways had Playstation and Sony has stolen my heart with this console.



sinalefa said:

So if I have books on my shelves I don't qualify to get a PS4? That quote can be a little insulting of their fan's cultural level.

Ok, I will be happy with my books and my Wii U, then. And since Kamiya's next game will be on Xbox One and I LOVE Kamiya games, then I guess I don't qualify to get a PS4 either.



Gamer83 said:


You could just get a Wii U and say hell with the other two but you would be missing a lot of great third party games.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I had a ps3 from more or less the start but I've never been that happy with it until the last couple of years. I probably just didn't pay attention to the good games or maybe sony didn't bother marketing them to me. Love the vita and will hopefully be able to say in a couple of years "ps4 is king" games like infamous second son, octodad, farcry 4, Witcher 3 and no mans sky. I'm hoping elder scrolls online will be worthwhile, fallout 4 should be epic. Now just give us shenmue and you can have my soul.



Carl-G said:

Hmm i guess we will have now on PSN now a Staggering Number of foul mouthed people then :-/



Munkyknuts said:

I'm a gamer through and through...I still have over 1600 books over virtually every surface of my bedroom around my gaming stuff. I'm not surprised so many have converted to PS4. Quite a few people I know who did convert to PS4 have also went on to buy a PS3, and in a few instances a Vita.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I've never owned anything non-PlayStation before myself, though that'll soon change...hoping to own a 3DS this Christmas, a Vita in 2015, and a Wii U in 2016.



Ali247 said:

Yep that's me I had only an xbox 360 last Gen and I converted to ps4



Rusty81582 said:

This is nothing new I used to always have playstations had the PS1 and bought 2 PS2's, a dreamcast. Then I switched teams and got a 360 this last generation and stuck with Microsoft this generation and bought a X Box One the day it released. And just the other day I had my friend buy a X Box One instead of a PS4 and he always had Sony's consoles had a PS3.



Imagremlin said:

I'm also in this boat somehow. I own every console since the original Playstation; this generation looks the least interesting since. But still, I will be getting a PS4 and a WiiU at some point this year.

As much as I enjoyed the 360, the XBOX One is a no go. They just really got in my bad side at launch and now I really, really don't care for it. First console I'll pass on in 20 years.

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