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2K Marin to Be BioShock's Big Daddy Moving Forwards

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hold hands

Despite the disbandment of Irrational Games, the BioShock brand will go on bamboozling fans – this time under the watchful eye of 2K Marin. Those of you with strong memories may recall that the Californian studio was partly responsible for the divisive sequel BioShock 2, which this author actually preferred to the original. Not everyone agrees.

Take Two gaffer Strauss Zelnick revealed the tidbit during a speech at the Cowen & Company analyst conference earlier this week, and added that he doesn’t believe that the series has reached its full commercial potential yet – even if it is a fan favourite. “I think that there's a lot of upside in that franchise,” he beamed. “It hasn't necessarily been realised yet.”

While that quote may worry some of you, the affable executive added that it has no desire to disassemble the wildly creative core that the property is known for. “The question for the future, assuming that we decide to answer the question, would be, 'How do you stay true to that creatively?'; 'How do you do something exciting?'; and 'How do you expand the market?'" he pondered. “We're starting from a good point on it.”

Zelnick also clarified that the series has been profitable for the publisher – but perhaps not quite to the degree that it had originally hoped. It’s worth remembering that BioShock Infinite had an epic development cycle, so its six or so million sales may not have made the publisher a huge amount of cash. We suspect that future instalments will be made in much shorter timeframes.

Nevertheless, if the series is ever to return, we doubt that you’ll be playing it on the PlayStation Vita. While creator Ken Levine announced a handheld title a few years back, it never really got started. Now, with Irrational Games no more, the chances of it occupying your microscopic memory card are slim to none. Feel free to wail like a Little Sister in the comments section below.


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readyletsgo said:

Please make a 2d platformer for the 3ds and vita, would be very different as a side test project for them.



Sonicfan11589 said:

A Vita version would be nice, but IMO a PS4/X1 version would be better. Imagine the graphics especially if it is a return to Rapture, I also hope the multiplayer comes back, that was a lot of fun.




Looking forward to a new bioshock, if its in the sky or under the sea! but going back to rapture would be awesome



BL_Donth said:

I'd prefer an entirely new setting instead of returning to Rapture or Columbia to be honest.

I'm hoping 2K Marin will approach future titles like Irrational did with Infinite; a new setting and central theme but still retaining the "constants and variables" to make a strong connection with the previous games.



Ristar42 said:

I really liked BioShock 2, the dlc was good too. Rapture is such a great setting, I just found Infinite far less interesting to play.



Heavyman99 said:

That's a shame. The most importqant aspect of Irrationals Bioshock games were their narrative cajones. 2K Marin probably can't measure up to that.



KelticDevil said:

BioShock 2 was a good game, but not on par with the phenominal original game or Infinite. It tried to bring awful multiplayer to the series as well. I actually liked the 'Minerva's Den' DLC better than I liked the main story of BS2. I have doubts 2k Marin can replicate the quality of Irrational.



thedevilsjester said:

@Godsire- This is all I can remember from BioShock 2, the attempt to shoe horn a multiplayer mode into every single game no matter if it should have one or not. I never got the BioShock 2 multiplayer trophies because, even though I bought the game during its "peak", no body was playing it online. This is why games should not try and do this. I will watch whatever BioShock comes next closely, but if they shoe horn in another multiplayer, no sale.



KelticDevil said:


I agree. The multiplayer wasn't popular from day 1. I got a few of the quick, easy tropies but even those weren't fun to get. It ranks up there with Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer as the most unnecessary mode of this generation. And it's never a good sign when the campaign & multiplayer modes are made by seperate companies.

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