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You're Going to Want This Ace Freedom Wars Collector's Set

Posted by Sammy Barker

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Sony is desperate for its upcoming Monster Hunter-esque PlayStation Vita exclusive Freedom Wars to be a mammoth hit, and so it’s really going out of its way to provide a compelling Collector’s Edition for Japanese fans. This gigantic set – which is due out alongside the new game on 26th June – includes a plushy version of the title’s propaganda spewing bear, Propa-kun. Doesn’t he look cute as he fills your ears with lies?

Those that pick up the premium package will also secure three posters designed by art director Kei Watanabe, a mug, a folder, some magnets, a bunch of stickers, and a whole slew of in-game items, such as additional weapons, costumes, and more. It’ll retail for ¥9,504 ($93), which is obviously steep, but seems borderline reasonable considering everything that you get.


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JaxonH said:

Eh, I hate collector's editions like these.

Gimme an artbook and soundtrack, maybe one more toss-up item, and I'm good.



gbanas92 said:

Considering how much they're packing into that, by today's standards, being under a hundred for that is pretty impressive! Especially with the mentality of getting bigger and gaudier, thereby driving the price up a la $250 Titanfall.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Eh, thats my problem with "today's standards". I certainly don't expect everything but the kitchen sink but I miss the days when things like plushies were pre-order bonuses, not one of the nicest things you hope to get out of collectors editions.

That being said most of that stuff is probably worth their price, going by what they'd be worth at retail, but probably not the entire $63 extra they want for it. The game being only $30 is probably why its so cheap to begin with.



gbanas92 said:

@Zombie_Barioth I couldn't agree more! I miss tangible items as pre-order bonuses as well. And I don't mean like a poster either. I'm talking like the awesome deck of tarot cards that came with Dishonored. But even then, it was a Gamestop exclusive rather than for everywhere. From what I remember, everywhere else just got DLC for in-game items. Not cool.



Gamer83 said:


I always hope for a digital soundtrack, if a Collector's Edition of a game I want has that, I'll buy it as long as the price is reasonable. For this game, I just want the standard edition to get a Western release already so I can play it. Seems pretty compelling.

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