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Your Smartphone Is a Pricey Microphone in SingStar PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fool me, maybe

SingStar has gone through some strange changes over the years – but this latest announcement tops them all. In order to celebrate the seminal singing series’ tenth anniversary, London Studio has announced that the cult karaoke classic will be humming its way to the PlayStation 4 – and you’ll be able to use your smartphone as a microphone.

That’s right, your candy pink and baby blue party peripherals need no longer apply, as the platform holder is readying the release of a free iOS and Android application that will allow you to turn your mobile into professional vocal apparatus. The curious feature will be compatible with the next-gen version of the title, as well as the existing PlayStation 3 release.

In addition to detecting your vocal range, the cell phone software will also allow you to create custom playlists. In truth, the PlayStation Blog doesn’t make it clear how the PS4 version of SingStar will be delivered, but we’re assuming that it’ll be a free download much like its predecessor. It seems that a separate physical release will be available in Europe featuring 30 songs.

The developer also stresses that it’s working hard to overhaul the series’ core experience, with the aim to provide even more social options. “We’re making it even easier to share the best bits of your night on Twitter and Facebook straight from the game,” senior producer Chris Bruce explained. “With an improved scoring system, you can also build up your XP and get rewarded for game activity.”

Check out the trailer embedded below to see people who are old enough to know better being paid to pretend that they’re having fun singing Carly Rae Jepsen songs into their Xperia phones. Are your vocal cords tingling at the prospect of one more SingStar party, or do you think that this announcement has hit a bum note? Hold the last note of Thunderball in the comments section below.

Update: While the language of the original announcement was a little vague, has since followed it up with some firm information on the latest addition to the SingStar family. For starters, your original SingStar microphones will still be compatible with the PS4 game, so you won’t need to use a smartphone if you don’t want to. Alternatively, the PlayStation Camera will work, too.

As originally expected, the game will be distributed as a free digital download, which will include 10 trial songs. You’ll then be able to increase your selection by purchasing more tracks from the PlayStation Store. Furthermore, in Europe, a standalone Blu-ray disc will be available for both the PS4 and PS3, which will include 30 currently unconfirmed songs. This is due out shortly before Christmas.


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ztpayne7 said:

I'd love it if they did this with Buzz. I would totally buy it again if they enabled ios support.



GrafUlrich88 said:

I doubt all get this, but it did sell over 26 million copies since the series started. Also they said that you can bring over songs you purchased in other versions over to the PS4 and also the ability to use mics from the PS3 (see comment section on PS Blog). I wouldn't be surprised if a third party makes a new mic for this game.

Listen, even though none of us seem that interested the series did sell very well and if the songs are less costly that Rock Band and Guitar Hero songs and if they add tons of social features it could do well. Just my thoughts.

Remember Sony is trying to bring a lot of variety to the PS4 and that is a good thing. Excuse as I get back to playing Sparkle 2 (Great game!), Killzone SF (Great Shooter!), and FFXIV ARR (Incredible MMO!).





Punished_Boss_84 said:

LOL at the PS Blog EU commenters moaning about the forced singstar icon for over a year. I chuckled at that S***



JLPick said:

Loved the wife and kids love playing this. Hopefully they add a little more songs by Alice Cooper and add some David Bowie. Can't believe we bought over 200 songs for PS3...enough space used on the system for this.

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