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You'll Be Able to Earn Transferable Loot in Tales from the Borderlands

Posted by Nicola Hayden

Please let it be legendary

We've been teased and tormented with sneak peeks at Telltale Games' latest episodic adventure Tales from the Borderlands, which is set in the world of Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2. Now, over on the PlayStation Blog, not only have the first screenshots of the game been revealed, but also the first concrete details about the title itself.

Perhaps the biggest question on fans' lips is which platform it will launch on, and while the developer hasn't outright answered this query, the post was tagged in the PlayStation 3 section of the manufacturer's European website, so take that as you will. Still, the game itself sounds like more than a mere prequel to the inevitable Borderlands 3. Featuring cameos of characters from previous titles – including vault hunter Zero – the title will also allow you to nab loot that you'll then be able to use in other Borderlands titles. Here's hoping that we can start Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with swanky weapons from the get go.

Do these new details make you want you to delve into the darker side of Pandora, or do you prefer your action to be a little more trigger happy? Leave your mark in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@NicolaHayden I think the thing for me is that I absolutely detest the story in Borderlands. I know some (weird) people like it, but I've always found it incredibly obnoxious. I trust Telltale to spin a decent yarn out of the fiction, but I'd rather they put their resources into a series more interesting.



NicolaHayden said:

@get2sammyb What I enjoy about Borderlands is it's sence of humour and combat rather than it's story. I'm praying that Telltale let themselves go and deliver on the crazy situations they have been promising. They will have to save all their seriousness for Game of Thrones after all.



hYdeks said:

I like telltale game and borderlands, so I think it will be great.....cant be worse then Jurassic Park



Munkyknuts said:

I don't see what's so offensive about the premise of Borderlands story...a futuristic dystopian dusty and grubby Wild West flavoured world loaded with bounty hunters is the same as that seen in Starwars and Firefly/Serenity. I've played Borderlands. I have no great abiding love for the games but they don't offend my sensibilities either.



rastamadeus said:

@Splat It's already being bought by me but if Tina is in it I'll be getting it day one on each release rather than waiting for them all to be out like with Walking Dead.

@get2sammyb As long as you go in knowing the story is nonsense it can be quite good, like the old B-movies. There's scope for good stories in the world though as a lot of the characters could be interesting if someone better wrote them. Sort of like David Cage, he's ok but his games stories would be miles better if he just wrote the draft then let a proper writer take over.

@Munkyknuts People like to complain. The internet has opened up the world to letting you not only be offended by something but by repeatedly watching/listening to it you can be offended again and again and again. Since the whole Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand saga over here (UK) it's just got worse and worse.

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