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You Haven't Seen All of June's PlayStation Plus Freebies Just Yet

Posted by Kell Andersen

Full reveal coming tomorrow

It appears that there's something rotten in the state of Sony, as we can't seem to go a month without a leak of the firm's plans for PlayStation Plus. Just yesterday, some enterprising fans spotted an advertisement banner on the PlayStation Store that gave away Europe's lineup for the Instant Game Collection in June. The leaked titles included PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate for the PlayStation 4, NBA 2K14 and Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut for the PlayStation 3, as well as Dragon's Crown for the Vita.

Since then, the rumours have been confirmed, with the official PlayStation Europe Twitter account stating that the image was indeed accurate. "Some of you may have spotted a 'sneak peek' at some of June's PlayStation Plus games," the company said. "Hold tight, we'll detail the full line-up tomorrow."

Perhaps most interestingly of all, though, the platform holder stated in a reply tweet that this list isn't even complete, meaning that there's some more tasty treats currently waiting in the wings. What do you make of the leaked list? Are you satisfied with this slick selection? What else would you like to see added to the roster? Let us know in the comments section below.


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rjejr said:

Somewhat related -

Has Sony just begun marketing Vita as "Playstation Vita" rather than "PS Vita" b/c it seems like "Only on Playstation" has become their new marketing slogan, which kind of gives me a headache b/c they use it for PS3, PS4 and Vita games but I only own PS3 so "Only on PlayStation" rarely applies to me anymore.

Here's the web version of the email I just got, which actually only calls it PS Vita but "Only on PlayStation" - w/ PlayStation written in bold type - is very prominent. Which I thought was odd for a Vita add.



Poskito said:

I'm definitely satisfied. I haven't had the opportunity to play pixeljunk shooter yet and i've been wanting a chance to play lone survivor for a while. Dragon's Crown has knocked it out of the park for me (I'm glad I chose not to buy it recently).

Hoping for something a little better for the unrevealed titles, however.



NEOTDS said:

Playstation is a brand and not any one platform. So only on PlayStation can apply to vita PS3 PS4 or indeed tablet phone or soon to be Bravia.
I personally am not too fussed whats In the igc as they are fillers to me to play inbetween my usual AAA releases



coolcrushkilla said:

I'm not happy with PixelJunk Shooter, but I am with Dragon's Crown so I guess its a win. I just picked up Infamous Second Son so that should hold me over for a while.



bengtcb said:

Pixel shooter....great. PlayStation plus has be a bit of a let down on ps4 well for me anyway



Rapidaz said:

I'll be happy if they show 1 decent ps+ ps4 game for a change, with the exception of outlast they've all been abit crap , this list I've seen doesn't bother me.There gonna surprise us with ............ Another crapy indie game I'm guessing ???



Carl-G said:

I liked the 1st PJ:Shooter on PS3 but couldn't get into the 2nd one really. So the PS4 version i won't bother playing. Hopefully Knack to could be the extra thing for the PS4 free game



bbq_boy said:

What if ps plus gave away a film available across all playstation or the first episode of an upcoming or popular tv series !! Possibly spur on more interest



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@rjejr what I find odd is that I own all three systems including the PS app and I've never opted out of any marketing and yet I've never had an email from Sony or PlayStation advertising anything to me, pretty crappy huh




@bbq_boy They have done Free TV first episode giveaways before.

I have always said that they should include a movie rental once a month and throw in some Music Unlimited access as well. That would be quite an incentive for Plus and also advertise Sonys Music and Video services.




@SimonAdebisi Opt-out then Opt back in. That worked for me. Give it a while before you opt back in though so the servers recognise the change.



ztpayne7 said:

@FATHASUN if they add in those things they'll have to increase the price. They already give away a lot for the price you pay.



shafedog247 said:

I agree they give you a lot for the price they charge. I fully expect an increase in the cost of the service....sooner than later. I have been a PS+ subscriber since the service launched, so I won't be offended if it does go up. I know I have gotten my $$$ worth and then some.



ztpayne7 said:

@shafedog247 well I don't think they want to increase the price to hurt their image. I just don't think they can add tv or rentals to the deal.



shafedog247 said:

Believe me, I don't want an increase, but they are toeing a fine line between being gamer friendly and the need to stay profitable....and lately the Sony brand as a whole has not done well. If Sony sees an opportunity to gain revenue and keep the fan base, they will go with revenue.



KAPADO said:

When I look at my psn friends list and I see peoples names without that yellow playstation plus in it.
I dont know what they are doing with their lives, I really dont?



imtom2002 said:

Still hoping for injustice on ps4 never got round to playing it or dishonoured might get me to crank to ps3 back up.



rjejr said:

@SimonAdebisi - I usually get 2 emails or more a week from them, one from Plus which I just got about an hour ago, and some game or other.

Beside shaving PS+ I also have a Sony or PS CC, but I'm not counting those emails which are usually for some reverse auction.

I was also a member of the every short lived "Sony Rewards". I think it lasted only 6 months but I did get a very cool long sleeve black t-shirt out of it that says Playstation on the front in japanese letters. Well at least I think that's what it says, I can't read japanese.

I also got beta codes for PS Now on both PS3 and PS4 which is weird b/c I don't have a PS4.

Anyway, my point is I'm pretty fast and loose w/ my email address.



jmburks said:

Excited for Dragon's crown on Vita. I've been waiting for awhile to play this!



Rapidaz said:

If there giving ps3 owners NBA2K14 why can't they give it to PS4 owners ?



Djsponge10 said:

@rjejr can u send me the ps4 ps now code if u aint gonna use it? Email it to me [email protected] thanks



prophet4see4 said:

@rjejr - do you have any PS3 Now beta codes left? If so, can you send one to [email protected] please?



bbq_boy said:

@Punished_Boss I'd like a few free copies of Arrow TV series plz!!

@Rapidaz - Really? Don't need the extra features? I loved Lovefilm and Netflix on my PS3. I even rented a couple of films. It's these sort of films all the other gadgets brag about and create public awareness (eg. smartphones and smartpads). Altho us gamers are up-to-date with this type of stuff, the general public are generally too lazy to find out. But if Sony advertised more of what the PS4 or vita can do - it'll help increase sales. Increasing sales means more cash to spend on developing games and new IP! Win! Win!

@FATHASUN Really? Dang I haven't seen that before. See it's this type of stuff that our community doesn't hear about. Hmmm.. we PS+ owners could be asking for too much freebies if we want free TV/movies as well. I don't mind adding an extra £1-£5 for a better PS+ which adds free films/tv every month.



Rapidaz said:

@bbq_boy no I don't need the extra features , I brought my PS4 to play games that's it , I've got sky tv to watch TV .

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