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Who Would Win Wednesdays: Jacket vs. Trevor Philips

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Round 14

We're going into dangerous and bloody territory for this week's edition of Who Would Win Wednesdays, as two seedy criminals fight for the right to boast about their combat prowess. Last week's match between an older man with crazy hair and a teenager with a suspiciously normal 'cut ended with a win for Heihachi Mishima, but will experience be a deciding factor this time around? As always, take a peek at the information that we've gathered on each warrior, and then cast your vote in our all-important poll. Oh, and maybe bring a spare set of clothes in case things get really messy.


Hotline Miami's silent lead has every quality that you'd associate with a deadly killer. He's quick on his feet, can turn just about anything into a weapon, and is comfortable with committing mass murder over and over again. Donning masks of various animals, this hitman's capable of clearing whole buildings of equally skilled thugs. Smacking people with baseball bats, smashing pool cues over a foe's head, blowing people away through windows with high powered shotguns – Jacket's a butcher of men, plain and simple. He's a psychopath, of course, but it's hard to argue that there isn't a method to the madness, as he carefully rounds each corner and scopes out the opposition. After all, one hit is all that it takes for this fighter to hit the ground in a pool of his own brightly coloured blood.

Trevor Philips

One third of Grand Theft Auto V's leading cast of ne'er-do-wells, Trevor Philips is easily the most ridiculous. Whether he's sporting a big, bushy beard or a terrible looking mullet, the crazed character is always looking for trouble. Sometimes he's happy just hunting some trailer park trash, but he'll destroy just about anyone or anything when his blood boils to a certain point. Despite his often foul language, Trevor can be something of a gentleman around women, although with all of the violent crimes that he tends to get mixed up in, we doubt that he smells of roses. Robbing banks and gunning down armed police is all in a day's work for this madman, and he's certainly not afraid to take a few bullets for the team, as his special skill allows him to soak up inhuman amounts of punishment.

Which of this week's combatants likes to hurt people more? Who would get that first swing of the golf club on target? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think that the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

Who do you think would win this Wednesday? (44 votes)



Trevor Phillips


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User Comments (13)



Sanquine said:

Jacket, handsdown! The guy is a killing machine even the madness of trevor is no match for him.



get2sammyb said:

My vote also goes to Jacket. My reasoning is that the quick restarts in Hotline Miami would allow him to get the jump on a complacent Trevor Phillips, who spends too much time swigging alcohol to be a true match for the masked mad man.

Also, this is my favourite Who Would Win Wednesdays so far. Great work @ShogunRok and @LordBagardo.



Epic said:

My vote would go to the guy that can turn indestructble just by getting angry, after all it still only takes one hit to kill Jacket.



Bliquid said:

Trevor took down an entire army battallion, all with trucks, bazookas and a tank.
Jacket who?



ferrers405 said:

Jacket is a professional murderer while Trevor is just a Psychopath which has less skill



charlesnarles said:

Meth can make your body keep living after being shot in the head (for only a few minutes, mind you) which I assume is inspiration for Trevor's power. Jacket is teh sux



Madd_Hatter401 said:

Trevor would massacre and more than likely do unspeakable things to Jaket and anyone in the vicinity of Jaket. Yea.. Trevor hands down.



ObviouslyAdachi said:

Trevor would win. Jacket has poor aim and only takes on hit to kill. And he could never be capable of the madness that Trevor creates.



Donald_M said:

This would be a fight for the ages, but I gotta give it to Trevor. He's crazier, meaner and he fights dirty.



Tasuki said:

Trevor all the way. He is just so unpredictable you don't know if he hes going to shake your hand or stab you in the back or even both. One of the reasons I loved GTA V.

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