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Who Would Win Wednesdays: Duke Nukem vs. Johnny Gat

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Round 16

This week's Who Would Win Wednesdays is yet another testosterone fuelled crossover, but realistically, it's hard to deviate from this formula when just about every personality in gaming marches around with a gun and swears at people. Nevertheless, we must soldier on after last week's clash saw a surprising turn of events. We would have bet on popular Welshman Edward Kenway snatching a victory, but he was put down by psycho pirate Cervantes. And so, it's time to mop up the blood and throw two more fighters into the ring – who will walk away this time? Better cover your ears for this one.

Duke Nukem

Once something of a household name, the Duke's title has since been tarnished by the horrendous Duke Nukem Forever. That said, the ageing personality can still put up more than a fight, as he beats humanoid pigs to death with his bare hands. Shouting cheesy but entertaining one-liners while dual wielding two ridiculously proportioned guns is what this 90s star does best, although we dare say that his unconditional love for sunglasses must surely come at the cost of accuracy in dark places. Despite the need to always look the part, though, you can always rely on Duke Nukem to get the job done, and offend people of all ages while he's at it. However, his greatest weapon is arguably his quick thinking – after all, this is a man who can think up toilet jokes before he's even flushed.

Johnny Gat

Killed off in Saints Row: The Third only to return due to popular demand in its sequel, Johnny Gat is a fan favourite gangster through and through. Adept with just about any weapon that you can think of, this cocky criminal is all but invincible during his time with the Third Street Saints. As the Boss' closest friend, they make an almost unstoppable team, whether they're running amok in a sandbox city, or causing chaos in a Steelport simulation. A fan of sunglasses and slicked back hair, Johnny isn't afraid of leaving his unmistakable mark on the world of gang violence, and won't stop at anything to achieve his goals – especially when his beloved crew is in danger. Indeed, this charming deviant even manages to slaughter his way to freedom aboard an alien spaceship armed with nothing but a small knife.

In this battle that's certainly not fit for children, who would boast the best verbal beat-down? Vote for your winner in our poll, and tell us how you think that the battle would unfold in the comments section below.

Who do you think would win this Wednesday? (35 votes)

Duke Nukem


Johnny Gat


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User Comments (14)



MadchesterManc said:

This isn't even a contest. All the Duke would have to do is look at Johnny Gat and he'd melt like butter



Tasuki said:

Duke all the way. Besides he just here to Kick *** and chew bubblegum, unfortunately for Gat he just ran out of gum.



3rdEyeMind said:

Sheesh! Duke Nukem is probably the toughest mofo in gaming (but with his tongue firmly in his cheek).



Donald_M said:

Duke's a washed-up has been who borrows all his one-liners from better action heroes. Johnny Gat would destroy this relic.



YashaStepanovic said:

Gat, he was abducted by the massively advanced Zin race because Zinyak feared Johnny could single handedly defeat the Zin when they invaded



3rdEyeMind said:


And you must not of been around for Duke's hey-day. Duke took down entire Alien Planets and saved the earth....FOUR TIMES.....all whilst chewing on a cigar, visiting strip clubs, weight lifting, wearing shades and spouting one-liners.....Always bet on DUKE.

Plus....Duke is one of the top five, maybe top 3 of the most influential characters in the history of gaming.....Gat will be forgotten before you know it.

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