Twitter troll Ed Boon is notorious for his online tricks and teases, but there has to be more to the Mortal Kombat maker’s latest 140 character message. In addition to an image of a car with an ‘MKX’ logo on the rear, the legendary developer wrote: “Hmmm... I wonder what the X stands for?” American outfit NetherRealm Studios is currently rumoured to be working on a tenth entry in its flagship fighting franchise, so we suspect that the luminary knows exactly what the letter means.

Last year, Warner Bros producer Lance Sloane hinted that the Illinois-based organisation was hard at work on a sequel to the series’ bloody reboot, which originally released on the PlayStation 3 back in 2011. However, there have also been rumours regarding an Injustice: Gods Among Us follow-up, which is supposedly due out next year. We suspect that one of the two will be officially announced at E3 next month. The question is: which would you prefer? Land an uppercut in the comments section below.