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The PS4 Version of MLB 14 The Show Is the Fastest Selling Game in the Franchise

Posted by Kell Andersen

The bases are loaded

It seems that everyone wants to be taken to a ball game, as sales of annual baseball sim MLB 14 The Show on the PlayStation 4 have seen a massive boost. Impressively, the game's week one numbers are up a staggering 40 per cent compared with previous entries in the franchise. What's more, the bat-'em-up's multiplayer mode has been taken for a spin over ten million times.

There could be any number of reasons for this result: perhaps America's favourite pastime is seeing a surge in popularity, or maybe owners of Sony's super machine are feeling a bit starved for content. We suspect, however, that it probably has something to do with the title's absurdly lifelike graphics. Seriously, have you seen the detail on those leather gloves? Outrageous.

Have you picked up MLB 14 The Show yet? What do you think has caused this impressive boost in sales? Strike out in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

With the PS4 in the position it's in now, I think this is going to happen a lot. In the past, I always felt that the exclusive games had to be incredibly well received (The Last of Us) in order to have any chance of doing really well. But we just saw with inFAMOUS that it was the fastest selling in the series, and I suspect this will continue. Gran Turismo 7 and Uncharted PS4 are going to be absolutely huge. (Assuming they're also good, of course.)



Carl-G said:

I always wanted to get into this game(on the PS3 & used to download the demos erm yearly) but the Controls i could never figure out Hopefully there will be a PS4 demo soon PLZ SONY



mitcHELLspawn said:

Yeah its strange, I'm not a big fan of baseball at all, but I've been debating on getting this game.I think it's a combination of a few things all of which the article covered. One, that the graphics seem crazy impressive and I want to see it for myself, and two I'm kind of bored with all my next gen games at this point. of course that's all going to change in the next 2 weeks with wolfenstein and watch dogs.



jgrangervikings1 said:

Biggest reason for the uptick in the US is XBox 360 owners who upgaded to the PS4. Those XBox 360 owners went without a good baseball game for, what, seven or eight years? They finally have a Sony system so they're now able to get their baseball game. Same thing happened with InFamous Second Son, and it'll be the same thing with TLOU and Uncharted when they're released on PS4 later this year.



adf86 said:

As a Brit therefore no experience at all in Baseball (to us it's just silly boy's rounders) but is interested in this, can anyone tell if the game does a good job of easing you into the controls & the game's rules.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

@jgrangervikings you stole my damn comment lol.. must be nice for the PS noobies to finally have a great baseball sim and not have to suffer through 2K`s dreadful yearly attempts.



charlesnarles said:

I'm hesitant to buy any sports game for full price only because they're obsolete within a year. I don't follow it or anything tho. I guess the roster differences would matter more to diehards, but I can't really justify buying it even tho I'm tempted hard by those graphics! : (



shingi_70 said:


You can just play the game and not upgrade. If your playing road to the show or Fantasy Franchise it doesn't matter.

Most sports games I tend to buy every Two years unless I play a online franchise with friends.

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