... I'm gonna let it shine. Oh, sorry about that, we didn't see you there. Ahem. It's time for another 'What Are You Playing This Weekend', in which the majority of the team will be delving into a little game that our very own Mat Growcott described in his review as a "painted paradise". But what does this Bank Holiday break have in store for the rest of us? Read on, find out, and share your gaming plans in the comments section below.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I’ve been yearning for the first-person frolics of Call of Duty: Ghosts for some time now, so I’m eager to actually get started on that this week. First, I’ll need to see off the final boss in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but seeing as I’m something of a master of the High Frequency Blade, that shouldn’t cause too many problems. I’m also really eager to punch my way back into Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – after all, watching a kangaroo kick a panda for fun is definitely my idea of entertainment.

Robert Ramsey, Associate Editor

Having never been one to shy away from a decent challenge, I'll be desperately trying to complete not one, not two, but three games over the course of this weekend. BioShock Infinite, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Muramasa: Rebirth are all on the list of titles that I need to beat before review duty kicks in again. It's sure to be 48 hours of gaming goodness, then – or at least it would be, had one of my DualShock 3s not started to do that weird thing where it secretes a strange liquid around the analog sticks. Ew.

Katy Ellis, Assistant Editor

Level grinding and weapon upgrading will make up the majority of my weekend, all conducted in a mad frenzy in order to destroy a few more demons in the first-person dungeon crawler Demon Gaze. It can be hellishly difficult at times, so when I'm not feeling up to the challenge, I may stamp a few more tickets in Papers, Please. My Arstotzkavian family may be sick, hungry, and generally dying, but at least I'm taking as much of a political stand as a border control officer can, right?

Ben Potter, Video Editor

It's that time of the month again where I'm obligated to plough my way through some of the less deserving titles in my backlog. Games including Lair, Kane and Lynch, Def Jam: Icon, and Medieval Moves are all due for a spin this weekend, but should I not make it out alive, you know what you must do. Hint: send me better games.

Jamie O’Neill, Retro Editor

I'm looking forward to wandering through the Kingdom of Lemuria’s luscious watercolour landscape. I've already scrutinised the art-book and the dramatic poster designed by Yoshitaka Amano that I received with the Child of Light: Deluxe Edition on the PS4, but I'm eager to see the latest UbiArt Framework game running in motion. Alas, I don’t want to rush my first playthrough, so I’ll possibly wait until after a weekend spent revisiting retro coin-ops at the Play Blackpool Expo.

Brett Young, News Reporter

Two games occupying opposite ends of the colour spectrum will characterise my gaming this weekend: the vivid strokes of Child of Light will be a stark juxtaposition to the oppressive hues of Daylight. I can feel my eyes hurting already.

Edwin Garcia, News Reporter

Sony is finally posting sales that may just rival those on Steam. Well, not really – but they are nice nonetheless. During this week's flash sale, I finally picked up Chrono Trigger, which I am sad to report that I never got to play the first time around. This weekend will be dedicated to putting as much time as I possibly can into this beloved RPG on my Vita.

Kell Anderson, News Reporter

My weekend is going to be spent floating through the gorgeous land of Lemuria as I attempt to stretch my playthrough of Child of Light for as long as possible. When I'm not doing that, I'll probably be hunched over my Vita playing No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either, which I unfortunately have developed an unhealthy addiction to.

Nicola Hayden, News Reporter

With a broken shoulder, my game plans for the next month have been shaken, not stirred. Mere flesh wounds, however, will not hold me back – especially with all of our readers’ helpful recommendations on the forums. Will I finish nabbing all of the Trophies in Destiny of Spirits, solve a murder in Broken Sword 5, or maybe venture into uncharted territory with Football Manager Classic 2014?

Graham Banas, Reviewer

I've got a load of games in my backlog, and I just can't seem to diminish the number. The solution? I'll play some new games! I really want to check out Stick It to the Man, as well as give Rocksmith 2014 Edition a whirl.

Simon Fitzgerald, Reviewer

This weekend, I will be hard at work with revision for my exams in two weeks. Whenever I get a break, though, I’ll be loading up Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry, as I snapped it up for a bargain in a recent PSN sale. I will also be mashing together some cool video clips in the SHAREfactory on PS4.

Will you be skipping through Ubisoft’s latest artsy adventure this weekend? Whatever you're up to, we want to hear about it, so do remember to drop us a line in the comments section below.