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Rumour: Battlefield Adopts a Hardline in Police Themed PS4 Spin-Off

Posted by Sammy Barker

These leaks have got to Sting

Dead Space developer Visceral Games appears to be swapping corpses for cops, as strong rumours suggest that the studio is deep into development on a police-themed first-person shooter named Battlefield: Hardline. A different take on DICE’s legendary series, the game’s logo was uncovered on an EA Games server earlier today, alongside scant information about the release itself.

Due out on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, some of the information that's leaked include the names of four multiplayer classes: Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, and Professional. A trio of modes have also hit the web, comprising Blood Money, Bomb Squad, and Carrier Assault. We’re assuming that there’ll be a cops-versus-robbers format to the title’s multiplayer matches.

Since the discovery of these tidbits, fansite Battlefield Daily has uncovered various icons from the game, which show ranks, ribbons, and vehicles. It looks like you’ll be commandeering sports cars, trucks, helicopters, and more when you take the fight against crime online. We’re actually eager to see how all of this works, as it sounds like a pleasant change of pace from the usual military madness.

Rumours regarding some form of law enforcement edition of Battlefield have been rife for months now, with the UK arm of Need for Speed developer Ghost Games reportedly pulled onto the project earlier in the year. We’ll confess to treason if this doesn’t turn up during the mega publisher’s press conference at E3 next month.


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sajoey said:

Well, hopefully they've got a split team, because otherwise this'll hamper the development of whatever Amy Hennig's Star Wars project is.



SuperSilverback said:

For some reason i think of small tight non battlefield type maps when they say its to do with Police. Hopefully not tho



kensredemption said:

As long as they don't ruin Dead Space any more than they already have...I don't understand the mentality behind streamlining a franchise to sell more units when it means compromising everything about what the game originally was. Case in point, Assassin's Creed.



Shaunms401 said:

Anything battlefield will be a real hard sell for me at this point. Bf4 is still not right on PS4 yet



kupoid said:

@Shaunms401 Not right on PC either. I'll buy a BF game when they've finally fixed it and I get my $60 worth out of it (i.e. never).

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