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PS4 or Not, Sony Will Foot the Bill for Indie Developers at TGS

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder plays the good guy

As far as public relations stunts go, this is a corker: Sony has announced that it will foot the bill for indie developers to exhibit their wares at this year’s Tokyo Game Show – regardless of whether they’re bringing their games to a PlayStation platform or not. The move may seem a bit extravagant for the cash strapped manufacturer, but booths cost up to $1,000 at most, so we’re assuming that this is worth the expense if it means that the firm is able to maintain its strong independent ties.

Teams will need to apply to obtain a slot, but target platforms will not impede a candidate’s chances of being selected. “We don’t care if the game is on a PlayStation platform or not,” said the organisation’s Brad Douglas. “The more indie games, the better. Just bring cool stuff.” So what’s in it for the platform holder – other than a few friendly headlines, of course? Well, we suspect that it stands a better chance of grooming the good stuff seeing as it will have a stake in every developer’s game.

Moreover, the indie scene is pretty anaemic in Japan right now, so getting more studios on board would certainly suit its cause. Titles like Trash Panic and Tokyo Jungle are few and far between, and we’d love to see more. Whether or not this initiative culminates in a greater Eastern presence on the PlayStation Store remains to be seen, but we doubt that it’ll hurt. What do you make of this generous move? Feel free to cover our costs in the comments section below.


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Mrskinner said:

Seems like a great marketing strategy for sony, they are pushing ps4 as a place for indie developers to showcase their work, so what better way to prove to the public this is true? Cannot hurt them or their image in any way shape or form in my opinion.



Munkyknuts said:

I expect some *****ing about there being no need for more indie games....their usually is.



PMasterTy9 said:

This is proof that all Sony cares about is indie games and not real games like Call of Duty and

I think this is an awesome move regardless of who is footing the bill. So, good job Sony. If someone has a problem with this they are are probably a-holes and are probably jealous because Microsoft isn't doing it.



Gamer83 said:

It's certainly a nice move to win some more good will with indies. Would the ones not currently bring games to PS4 or at least not making it the focus, change that for their next game? Will be interesting to find out. It doesn't hurt in anyway to do this, and who knows, maybe it leads to even more of an advantage on the indie side.



thedevilsjester said:

@Munkyknuts people seem to think that indie developers somehow prevent AAA studios from developing games, so the more indie the less AAA. I don't understand what these people think indie is, but they are, by definition independent so have no impact on other studios except to force creativity through competition.

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