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PS4 Action RPG Shadow of Mordor's Latest Gameplay Trailer Is a Bit Bloody

Posted by Robert Ramsey

That's got to hurt

We haven't seen all that much of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor since its original gameplay reveal, but the Lord of the Rings tie-in is starting to look like a promising action game that's got a few neat little RPG elements up its sleeve.

The release's latest trailer attempts to balance a look at these RPG systems with some brutal combat clips, and it works surprisingly well. Detailing how you'll be able to alter your arsenal with the help of runes that are found as loot, customisation of your deadly set of attacks seems to play a key role in vanquishing your orcish enemies. From stealth takedowns to moves that behead your opponent in spectacular fashion, the fighting looks smooth and enjoyable, and we're especially liking those gory sound effects. Are you eager to be possessed by a wraith? Forge your blades in the comments section below.

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RawWilson1 said:

This game looks a little like Assassin's Creed every new gameplay video at a time



Jaz007 said:

I'm suprised that LotR had taken an M rated route. IPs like this are usually kept to a T rating.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I actually think it looks really decent, not sure its going to do particularly well with the shed load of titles piled up for the end of the year though.



Splat said:

This is the first game that makes me feel bad about not having a PS4 yet...



Splat said:

@ztpayne7 @LDXD - That would be sweet for me...

PS4 will no doubt be my next console money is just tight in my household right now.



GraveLordXD said:

@Splat yeah I know for sure I seen it for pre order here in the states at a few stores
And IMO although I do love my ps4 there's no need to rush you aren't missing much as far as exclusives right now



Mrskinner said:

I can't wait for this game. Deffo a day one for me. I'm sure I noticed this has the same release date as dragon age though, so I will have to have both!



JaxonH said:

Yeah, I've already got this one pre ordered. I'm a huge LotR fan. The Hobbit was my first book I ever read in fact. Grew up on those books before the movies were a thing. Always said if they ever made movies for the books, they'd be a huge hit. And they did, and they were. Now we've got games and spin offs. I never thought LotR would have gone mainstream. The books were popular but only to the niche crowd of readers who liked that sort of thing.



GraveLordXD said:

@JaxonH that's because J.R.R Tolkien was the bees knees
I think pet cemetery was my first book and I think the hobbit was my second, I remember watching the cartoon a lot when I was a kid I use to be a huge Tolkien and King fan back in the day

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