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Old School and New School Merge in This Surprising Wolfenstein Easter Egg

Posted by Joey Thurmond

A blast from the past

There's no doubt that Wolfenstein: The New Order is heavily inspired by its 1992 predecessor Wolfenstein 3D, which pioneered the shooter genre much like the legendary DOOM. But with next-gen graphics, deeper yet classic gunplay mechanics, and an intricately designed world where Nazis rule with bizarre technology, this game definitely has lofty ambitions. However, it has proved divisive among critics. While some may say it relies too heavily on the design of older shooters, MachineGames decided to take that a step further by sending the title back to the 90s with a small Easter egg.

Gamers are already finding the many secrets that exist in the game, including one where you can play a Wolfenstein 3D level. In a safe house later on in the campaign, you'll uncover a dishevelled bed beside a wall that has a conspicuous poster on it. If you sleep on the bed, you'll start playing in that game with protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz's new arsenal of weapons. Although many YouTubers have already showed this in action, Polygon has put together an incredibly nice video that gives detailed instructions on how to find the bonus.

What do you think of this neat throwback? Are you planning on snatching up The New Order today or nein? Join the Nazi army in the comments section below.


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blindndeaf said:

i got this game today and so far it has not impressed me on the first hour of play and hope it will get better



KillTheG1mp said:

Just played 2 hours straight. So good it hurts!! For old schoolers like me, this is the perfect marriage of the good old days and modernity.



banacheck said:

I think if you've been playing game's from the Atair/C16 days you'll definitely enjoy the game, where game's where game's the difficulty mattered and no one told you how to play it.

We had to put with graphics like this:



AhabSpampurse said:

I love it. Being a big fan of old shooters (cos I'm grey and crusty), this game is right up my street. There's something about the simplicity of "just kill everything" that still does funny things to my brain. This applies strictly to games mind you, not whilst I'm standing in Greggs or something.



HeisenbergBlue said:

Compleatley agree Ahab this game is class loads of uncomplicated fun, great graphics doesn't take itself too seriously, really looking forward to Watch_Dogs but just know its going to have too much "choice" "freedom" and be really time consuming when my playtime is at a premium give me linear old school anytime



Deadstanley said:

@blindndeaf I felt the same way during the first mission. I was under the impression that the game would be more of a run and gun like the classic. Of course it will need to have modern appeal as well, but it didn't feel special... not until I got toward the end of the first stage. It really picked up and set it apart from my earlier experiences.

Granted I took about 2 hours to finish the first stage because I was unlocking perks and secrets, but now that I have the hang of it, I think the rest of the game will flow really nicely. I HAD to stop playing to grab lunch, but I intend to get back to it really soon.



blindndeaf said:

yes ive had a few hours on it now and liking the game play and graphics when does multiplaer kick in?



blindndeaf said:

i am liking it now guess i was expecting the wow factor at the very start and about three hours in and seeing some good bits the choice of going all guns ablazing or sneak kills is nice and the story line seems to be building up like it overall



tenderbeefcake said:

I picked this up today and love it. After the prolog it realy gets good. The guns sound and feel powerful and the blood and gore is awesome. It realy brings me back to the old days when games were full of gore and less worried about realism. Just plain fun.



tenderbeefcake said:

I cant wait for a new Doom. When you think back to doom, wolfenstien, serious sam, duke nukem. Games now seem so tame. I miss blowing demon's heads off, or nazi's or whatever.

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