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Minecraft Will Be Tunnelling onto PS4 and Vita in August

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Plus a load of details including cross-buy

Miners rejoice! Minecraft's arrival on the PlayStation 4 and Vita has been given a slightly less vague release date. Mojang has confirmed that the dig-'em-up will be tunnelling onto the two platforms in August, so you've only got a couple of months to wait before you're able to slaughter harmless sheep on the go.

However, the best part of this announcement is that there'll be plenty of ways to save money if you've already purchased a digital copy of Minecraft on the PlayStation 3. For starters, those of you who already have the game on the PS3 will be able to nab the Vita edition for free, while saves from the handheld can be transferred to your PS3, and vice versa. This essentially means that on everything but the PS4, Minecraft now supports cross-buy, cross-play, and cross-save.

That said, you'll still be able to transfer your adventure to Sony's newest console if you wish, but you won't be able to send data from the PS4 to the game's other versions for technical reasons. Nor will you be able to play with others who are making use of the game on PS3 or Vita. Thankfully, if you own the title on the PS3, you'll be able to purchase the next-gen version for just $4.99, but you'll only have a year to take advantage of this deal. Finally, if you've grabbed a retail copy of the release on PS3, Mojang is currently working with Sony in order to try and enable all of the same benefits that the digital version offers. Already sharpening you pickaxe? Come build a home with us in the comments section below.


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ztpayne7 said:

Free vita version since I have it on ps3 is awesome. I've barely played this for some reason, but I can totally see it playing it right before bed.



rjejr said:

So far my kids haven't asked for a PS4 - not much for them besides Knack, and that didn't review well - nor a Vita seeing as how they each own a 3DS - but since my kid has literally been counting down the days until next Wed's 1.06 update on PS3 so he can buy the candy texture I think I can see this becoming an issue.



Chouzetsu said:

Cool. I have the game on PC, maybe I'll get the PS4 version for the sake of split-screen.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Very nice, id like to buy the vita retail version, a ps4 cross buy would be great. Give us what we want Sony



ztpayne7 said:

@SimonAdebisi I'm not sure if there is a vita retail version. On the other side, it's not crossbuy with ps4 but $5 is not bad for the third version. Much better than some other programs.



Punkinhead145 said:

Finally we have a release date, if not exact! I'm now officially more re-pumped than a 20-year-old bicycle wheel



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@ztpayne7 there are plenty of places taking pre orders so I assume there is a physical copy vita version, why wouldn't there be, its going to sell shed loads



Jaz007 said:

I'll be happy with my PC verison. I also dislike the lack of infinite worlds on the PS4. Only thing that could convince me multiplayer calling. Which I doubt would be for a while.



Jazzer94 said:

I'm excited to try this on Vita while commuting really love the PC version.



ZeD said:

I currently "own" this through a friends account so looks like i will be buying this for Vita and then paying to upgrade to my PS4



Simon_Fitzgerald said:

I absolutely love minecraft! I own the PC version and I have platinumed the ps3 version! I am really looking forward to the ps4 game, just so I can start a fresh. It's also nice getting it for a bargain



GrafUlrich88 said:

This is a must buy for me in August. I have all 3 systems and own the digital version for the PS3. I hear that it will be 36 times larger on the PS4 version. Awesome!!!

Hey, anyone see my Diamond Pickaxe laying around, dang Creepers taking it and doing their own digging and building. HEHE!!!





Midzark said:

Yay!!, I've pre-ordered this for the ps4! From amazon uk for £14.85 that's not bad really! Pity I was a xbox 360 player not ps3 dam it or would of been £4.99 haha nevermind I'm part of the Dark Side now hee hee



darkhairwarrior said:

Nice to hear the PS Vita version isn't degraded due to limitations.
Also very nice to hear about Cross-gaming for Minecraft! Did not expect them to be so generous. :3



Alpha said:




Alpha said:

@fit6958 I platiunumed the PS3 version too, borrowed a friends disc based copy of it. i plan on digitally buying it now that i see this!



NathanUC said:

I'm really really glad this is being handled the way it is. I was holding off on buying it until the cross buy announcement. Even though I'll probably only play this on PS4, I'll probably just grab the PS3/PSV version and upgrade for $5.

It's a bummer Vita and PS4 won't cross save, but the logic is sound.



rastamadeus said:

After hearing so much for years about how amazing Minecraft was I was thrilled to get it a few days before Christmas on PS3 and experience the games wonders for myself. A few days after New Years it was deleted. I have never been more bored in all my life than when playing it. And I saw the Spice Girls movie. Twice. I can see why people like it, just not for me. Free, or not, this one will be passing me by unless I can't sleep one night.



Grockumus said:

Think of it this way everyone; if you have a PS4 and PS Vita, but never got the PS3 version, you could get the PS4 version, and use remote play on PS Vita. "Technically", the PS4 version is like a cross-buy for the PS Vita version. Anyone confused yet?

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