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Minecraft Maker Makes PS4 and Vita Versions a Top Priority

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sweet new textures coming to PS3

We already know that Minecraft’s basic building blocks are in place on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, after port house 4J Studios posted a picture of both versions of the game in action. However, the UK-based outfit – which works in conjunction with creator Mojang to convert the indie smash to consoles – has since confirmed that, alongside the Xbox One edition, it is focusing the majority of its attention on bringing the build-‘em-up to Sony’s freshest formats.

“The main thing that we're working on is Minecraft for the Xbox One, PS4, and Vita,” a spokesperson wrote on Twitter. “[We’re also busy working on] Patch 1.06 for the PlayStation 3.” Indeed, this latest update will include compatibility with a bunch of new skins and themes, including the saccharine sweet Candy Texture Pack, which will turn the entire title into the house out of Hansel & Gretel. The other add-on is the Natural Texture Pack, which will give the game a more realistic sheen.

There’s no firm word on when you’ll be punching trees on your next-gen console just yet, but Mojang’s community manager Owen Hill recently stressed that he expects it to arrive before September, so it may only be a few months away. Either way, we know that Sony’s got retail releases for both the PS4 and Vita versions in mind, though there’s no word on cross-buy. We wouldn’t be surprised if the platform holder put together some bundles, too – particularly for the portable port.


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get2sammyb said:

@SimonAdebisi I think it has the potential to. I'd really like to see Sony put together a cool bundle, including a Minecraft-themed Vita Slim, copy of the game, and a memory stick. They can get away with the memory stick being small, because Minecraft is only like 100MB.

Put that on shelves for £139.99 and I think it could do very well. Heck, why not throw in a copy of Tearaway, too?!



GrafUlrich88 said:

I'm looking forward to Minecraft on PS4 and Vita. I hope there is some type of cross buy and cross save. Also I heard rumor that you can port your creations from PS3 to the PS4?? Please correct me if I'm wrong.





darkhairwarrior said:

I heard somewhere that Minecraft on PS Vita will be a smaller version of the console editions, with somewhat smaller maps, and only 2P or something like that.
Will still be awesome.



Chouzetsu said:

@rjejr Uh oh, you just said the word "Candy". Now they're going to crush your house, take your money and all future income, and enslave your entire family.
The texture pack looks more like Pyrovision to me to be honest.



Ginkgo said:

Been waiting forever for these releases. Come on, release them already.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - "You can buy stuff online"

You can't buy anything online for less than $5. My kid wanted to buy a $1.99 Minecraft skin on PS3 but we needed to put $5 in the wallet on my credit card, or buy a $10 PSN card on Amazon. I've bought several things on Nintnedo's eShop for $1.99 - Pikmin 3 DLC packs - and even a game or 2 - Kung Fu Rabbit was $2.49 - and I've never had any problem just entering my credit card # and paying however little it cost w/o any problem. If my PS3 can store my credit card info why can't I spend it in whatever increments I want?



Midzark said:

Really looking forward to this release on PS4!! I have moneys waiting!! But they say..."before September" so we can see it being released at Christmas now then!! Well come on was meant to be a release title game along side the PS4.........

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