We may have to wait an inordinate amount of time between episodes, but that hasn't stopped Telltale Games from collating the segments of The Wolf Among Us onto a single disc. Or rather, it hasn't stopped GameStop from leaking this potential plan.

The retailer recently posted an online listing for a physical edition of the game, with a street date of 12th December this year. That's almost certainly a placeholder, though, so don't get your hopes up too high.

Obviously this is all pure conjecture, but we don't think that a next-gen re-release is completely out of the question. In fact, we reckon that it's probably a fairly savvy move, seeing as the title's initial launch seemed to get lost between delays, and the bluster of new consoles.

Do you think that this leak is legit? Would you be interested in taking The Wolf Among Us for a spin, or are fairy tales not your bag? Howl to the moon in the comments section below.

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