Bungie better pray to the gaming gods that first-person shooter Destiny generates a more favourable reaction than its recent seven minute gameplay trailer, because publisher Activision is investing – wait for this – $500 million into ensuring that the property is a success. That’s more money than company gaffer Bobby Kotick keeps under his bed.

The abovementioned executive revealed the frightening figure at the swanky Milken conference in Los Angeles last week, no doubt fanning himself with dollar bills as he confirmed the sweat-inducing sum. That number, according to the firm, doesn’t just account for development, but also marketing, packaging, infrastructure support, royalties, and more.

The title is actually being produced as part of a decade long deal between the Halo creator and the Call of Duty company, which will span multiple games and add-on packs. It begs the question: what happens if the inaugural entry disappoints? With money like that on the table, we don’t think that failure is an option. Still, we’re sure that there are a few damp foreheads around the firm right now.

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