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Holy Graphics, Batman! Here's Your First Look at Arkham Knight on PS4

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Evening the odds

Just like the Caped Crusader himself, this gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight has swooped from nowhere and taken us completely by surprise. Showcasing how the superhero's newest adventure will look on next-gen hardware, it's not hard to get excited for a title that looks this slick.

Everything from Batman's armoured suit to the streets of Gotham looks positively polished, and the gameplay isn't bad either. Stretching a mere two minutes, the video perhaps isn't the blow-out that some have been anticipating, but it does show off a variety of clips. Cutscenes are aplenty, but we also get a few glimpses of the vehicular combat that the Batmobile provides. Are you already donning your cape and taking to the rooftops? Do your best gravelly voice in the comments section below.


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N711 said:

Ha! Bad trailer, nearly feeling sick with all these cuts but looks good



get2sammyb said:

@Punished_Boss There are definitely some bits with the Batmobile that are gameplay. It looks amazing when it speeds through the tunnel upside down, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 style!



k_andersen said:

"No more Batman!" - I wonder if Rocksteady is getting sick of making Batman games?

Seriously though, I am all about the Batmobile!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Pffft, why bother. Gameplay required. I can wait. Also it would make more sense for the arkham knight to have a big a** highlander sword... no?



larry_koopa said:

I would hardly call that a gameplay trailer, but it goes without saying that the in-game stuff will look amazing as well.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Despite there not being much in-game footage, that was still a great trailer. I'm definitely interested.



banacheck said:

This trailer entitled “Evening the Odds” features all in-game footage and you can see why that some are considering this to be the first true new generation game



drumsandperc92 said:

The Order & UFC better move aside, ladies & gents i present to you the first truly spectacular leap in graphical fidelity for the new generation.
Honestly, i'm having a hard time believing any of this is gameplay or in-game engine, let alone all of it.



SanderEvers said:

Is it a movie or a game?

Wait no, it's an interactive movie. Less gameplay, more cutsenes. Oh LOOK AT THAT GRAPHICS. YAWN!. I want to PLAY a GAME. If I wanted a movie, I would've gone to the cinema's, or watched TV.



ztpayne7 said:

@SanderEvers Would you call infamous: second son an interactive movie? Just because the graphics are great doesn't mean there won't be any gameplay.



eaglebob345 said:

I was excited for this game... until I played Arkham City. I didn't like how monotonous the gameplay was. All of Batman's attacks seemed like QTE to me. I hope this one is better but I will keep my hopes pretty low. Graphics don't sway me at all, so I don't think I will pick this one up. I'm still on the fence about the PS4 right now and right now KH3 and that DBZ game are what I am looking for. Hopefully the DBZ game doesn't suck, like every DBZ game since after Budokai 3, my opinion of course.



gr8apeb8 said:

"I hope Ben Affleck does the voice for Batman". Said no one ever.
Oh wait he is the batman.
"I'm the batman" in a Boston accent. I'm now more excited for the new batman game than I am for the movie. This looks good



RudysaurusRex said:

Wouldn't it be cool if Batman was killed by the Arkham Knight, and then you play as him? And then at the end, Robin becomes Red Hood or Batman and becomes the main character until you beat the Arkham Knight. A darker version of Knightfall like that would be cool. And it would be a definitive end for the Arkham games.



InsertNameHere said:

@eaglebob345 You not liking the Arkham combat aside, I'm pretty sure you meant to say: "Hopefully the DBZ game doesn't suck, like every DBZ game since after Tenkaichi 3"



eaglebob345 said:

@BornOfEvil Sorry. Once DBZ 1 vs. 1 fights became split screen I couldn't get into it anymore. Budokai 2 is my favorite because of Tiencha's"Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist" and because of Gokule. Budokai 3 was funny because SS4Gogeta and Broly were waaaay to strong on that game. Anyways, split screen killed it for me. Either put it on a handheld or have gamepad/smartglass/Vita support to avoid splitscreen, or I will have to skip another DBZ title...



dynasty889 said:

I can't wait for this. I was watching an analysis video for this trailer, and apparently they said that everything in Arkham Knight is rendered in real time with the game's engine. No CGI or pre-rendered cutscenes. That's insane! (probably why it's only on next-gen and PC)

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