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Hold on to Your Handlebars! Here's How MotoGP 14 Looks on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wheelie nice

The latest entry in Milestone’s annual motorbike racing simulation is set to make its debut on next-gen platforms imminently, with MotoGP 14 ready to burn rubber on the PlayStation 4. Ahead of the fast approaching release, the Italian developer recently conducted a press tour around Europe, which has culminated in the high octane gameplay video embedded below.

Showing three laps around Sachsenring in Germany, this clip demonstrates the title’s various visual improvements, as well as its new audio engine. The full release will also include a scenario mode, which will see you playing out classic moments from past MotoGP events. This is one for the fans, then, but it’s certainly looking solid – if perhaps a little familiar.


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EyeDeeNO76 said:

I love to go fast on or in anything with internal combustion engine in games and real life. This is something I would have interest in playing on PS4. Makes me want to fire up my copy of MotoGP 10/11. Go Nicky!
I wonder if Polyphony Digital will ever make another Tourist Trophy The Real Riding Simulator?



THEundying27 said:

Wow, looks very boring. The first 2.5 minutes of the video was menus/loading. I get the feeling they did it on purpose to hide the atrocious last gen graphics they're trying to pass off as next gen.

Looks like an xbox360/ps3 game. I'll pass



Mrskinner said:

@THEundying27 unfortunately I have to agree. I had high hopes for this but the graphics aren't as good as I expected. Will have to be a miss also



EyeDeeNO76 said:

When has the developer Milestone ever put out game known for it's graphical quality?



BlueProxy said:

Can someone please make a worthy motorcycle racing sim for PS4... anybody?



Shellybird27 said:

@Mrskinner Pass because of graphics really? Why the hell, do people care about graphics so damn much? One of my favorite games ever Deadly Premonition, has pretty bad graphics, but it's still an amazing game. It blows my mind when people say "Watch Dogs looks like crap", don't really know what they're expecting, but whatever.



Mrskinner said:

I have watchdogs and I love it, I haven't said a thing about watchdogs graphics. This however looks bland and last gen.



NathanUC said:

I'm not sure if real motorcycle racing has spoiled me or what, but as someone with real track experience, these MotoGP games always look/feel weird.

I think it's just a sport that doesn't transition well to the digital world.



baconcow said:

Lol, how bad are those racers near last place? Buddy falls off his bike countless times and still is able to storm past them. Hopefully on a lower difficulty, as he looks easily 25% faster than most other riders.

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